Friday, August 1, 2008

Uncle "CaCa" and Crew

Last weekend (see how speedy we are to upload and share) the Smileys came to visit for dinner. It was nice to see them all healthy and having a good time. This is the latest video to share of that evening. As you can see, although Casey just had surgery, he seems to be back to his "jackass" self (we say that lovingly) tripping his own kid. Nice, huh? I don't think Julie leaves him alone long.....One of these days when Casey goes back to school, Luke is going to be doing something totally off the wall and we all will know where he learned it--- the big kid himself.

Nothing else to report on our front here... been a pretty routine week here- starts with a headache from not enough sleep and ends with a headache because on of the infants didn't nap enough and screams from 6:30 on... When do they "grow" out of this? And as Kylie says, " If you are grumpy, you GO IN YOUR CRIB!" (humm... do you wonder where she gets this?)

The next post.... Hoffer makes it to the burbs... (and not that Hoffer...)

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