Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gangsta Shay

Like her new bling?
KMD is not so scared of the bling...
But Anika... another story.

Who knew...

Soccer shoes could be soooo entertaining.... Kylie got some new PINK soccer shoes but unfortunately her game was cancelled on Saturday because the grounds were so wet-- from three days of constant rain. That, however, did not keep the little kids from trying on her shoes.

And the next three are in tribute to Big Papa... I've heard stories that he used to mow his lawn in golf shoes because the yard was so steep. Well, Anika is trying to do the same, although she is mowing the deck and its flat. :)
in Big Papa's language-- What the (#$@# is going on with this stupid (#($#@$ lawnmower?!
Again, in BP's language, "Ahh, just throw the stupid #(#$()(#*$# lawnmower away!"
Love ya Big Papa! Hope you got a laugh out of it!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kylie's birthday milestones

Birthday milestones

August 26, 2005

August 26, 2006-- I'm One today!!

August 26th 2007-- I'm TWO! (Sitting with Annalee who also has a birthday in August)

August 26th, 2008-- I'm THREE!

August 26th, 2009-- HOLY COW, I'm FOUR!

Happy 4th Birthday KYLIE!!! (Part 2)

Despite the rain, Kylie had a pretty good birthday. We couldn't meet her friends at a park since it just would not stop raining. Instead, we headed to Barnes and Noble where she met up with some friends and played with the trains, went on stage, and read books. Not too bad...

Birthday Dinner-- chicken, Annalee and Abby noodles (noodles with butter and salt/pepper), strawberries

On to cake-- the birthday fairies delivered-- princess cake-- chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake with all the princesses on top.

About to blow out the candles
The unwrapping of gifts-- notice Shay in the background ready to pounce on any gift she can.

And notice Anika ready to take KMD's new toy.
"Is that real ice cream or is that just playdough mom?"
Anika and Shay successfully got a toy away without KMD noticing. Also notice in the background, for those of you who think Odin is neglected, think again.
Reading the cards

Happy 4th Birthday Kylie!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday Part 1

Instead of doing a big birthday party with all her friends (which Chris and I are avoiding), Kylie decided to go to the Shedd Aquarium. We headed there on Sunday morning and met up with the Smiley bunch. It was a great time although pretty crowded. Not many pictures were taken, too hard to keep an eye on the kids. After the Shedd, we had lunch in a park. The kids wore off all the last bit of steam they had. Hopefully the Smileys will share some pics-- Luke was like spiderman climbing all over the park-- of which I have no pictures from. Sorry!

Shay happy in the car... oh wait, we have not left the garage yet.

Anika happy in the car-- and again, we're still in the garage

The birthday girl

All excited to see fish!

Kylie in the submarine


Here are a couple pictures from this past weeks first experience with a soccer team...She loved it and is excited to go back again this weekend. Hopefully it will continue!
Listening to instructions

I'm not quite sure what they are doing, but Kylie seems to be pretty excited about something
Doing the cones with Coach Marco
Waiting in line with her teammates
Shay, Anika and Chris watching Kylie play.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chocolate factory fun...

Kylie recently went to a friends birthday party at the Chocolate factory... pretty cool, but the amount of sugar consumed by these kids is so frightening. She came home with lots of treats and has yet to share them with any of us in the house...... somehow that seems not fair....

Kylie starting on her chocolate pizza

Pure happiness--- chocolate!

Waiting for more toppings for her chocolate pizza

The big 4 year old!!

Gotta love the blue frosting!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh this reminds me....

Of my mom.... When we lived in New Jersey and she used to workout- I think jazzersize-- at the barn that was 2 houses down from us. She used to get into her aerobics garb, which included these fabulously colored leg-warmers. All I needed to do for Anika is put on her anti-nausea bracelets she wears in the car and we would have had the perfect Mini-Nana from the 80s... Just break out the old songs like-- "Let's get Physical" or "9 to 5"

Love ya Nana.... and I bet you have not figured out how to write comments on the blog yet....

Anika in her leg-warmers-- (they are actually Chris' socks he left out this morning)

The backside...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One hot day at the Botanic Gardens

This past weekend we headed to the Botanic Gardens with the Smileys.... we picked a hot day, but for the most the most part the kids had a great time. The train exhibit was the favorite for kids and probably a close second was all the water fountains that we stopped at and splashed... not sure that is exactly what the fountains were meant for, but it worked for us on Sunday.

The first stop at the water fountain... and of course, we have to have a snack because no one wanted to eat breakfast that morning.

Anika pointing at the trains. She loved it and so did Shay-- atleast this year they were big enough to notice them!

Part of the train exhibit

Another part of the train exhibit

Anika and Shay trying to climb over the fence to get the trains

Lilly pads.... also the same place that Shay tossed her sippy cup in a couple months back. It was not there Sunday.... they were sad.

The last fountain of the day

Getting thoroughly wet now...
And to end the day-- a picnic. Kylie chowing on some watermelon (and a wonderful close up of Shay's cup)

and the twins eating something...
And the best thing of all--- all three kids fell asleep in the car!