Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture Thursday (for lack of a better title)

Anika sitting my Odin waiting for KMD to finish lunch so she can take a nap.... pathetic, huh?
Shay is now waiting too for KMD... slow eater....

Two peas in a pod..... silly.....

Three Girls in a Boat

Does it get any cuter than this?

Monday, April 27, 2009

mermaids, trouble makers and big girls

I've got nothing..... nothing comes to mind that would be so interesting to blog about- sorry....

Shay and Anika seem to be cruising along at their own pace. They have their own language-- no one can understand it, but they seem to know exactly what each other is saying. It's insane. Both love to be outside- esp. the swings. Anika seems to be my new appendage at most parks--she will not let go of me. Makes it a bit hard when you are trying to spot Kylie on the monkey bars... she'll get there. Shay is fearless and will do whatever she can get away with. (note-- this is a complete flip of personality).

Kylie has moved up in the world. She is no longer in a toddler bed, but now a full sized bed.... she is super excited and has new sheets and can have ALL of her stuffed animals on her bed. So far so good. Her bed is more comfortable than mom and dads-- how does this happen??

This past weekend we went and celebrated Ryan, Luke, and Abby's birthday at the Danneggers. Everyone had a great time, but esp. Kylie. She enjoyed all of the other peoples birthday presents. :)

And last..... I don't know. The rain has been a bummer here.... rained all weekend. We got out for a walk around the block and that was it... hoping it leaves today and we can be back to sunshine and playing outside. Below are some pictures of Shay playing dress-up. Chris said that she kept picking up the mermaid outfit and handing it to him. He put it on her and she was happy as can be..... not sure Kylie is ready to share those toys yet.

Mermaid Shay

Trouble maker Anika

Mermaid Shay and Devil Anika in the toy kitchen

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend snapshots of Anika and Shay

Its never too early to teach the girls how to be a keeper... Anika seemed to pick it up pretty fast.

See, I can play soccer.

This picture is not about Shay, but Anika. You can see her in the background climbing on her car to stand on it..... she is trouble.

Feeding their best buddy Cheerios.

Shay cruising around trying to figure out how to break out of the deck gates and help the Farmers in the garden. She didn't quite figure it out yet, but give her time, she will.

Firetruck Fun

This is Kylie checking out her new wheels at the annual firehouse fundraiser. She got to check out a few rescue trucks, eat, get her face painted, character balloons, and jump in the jumper... she loved it, but was pretty tired after the day--- and of course refused to take a nap. Needless to say, we were a bit grumpy at the end of the day.

Gardening begins!

Farmer Chris and sidekick Kylie worked hard to get the garden ready for planting. On Saturday they planted onions, carrots, and lettuce.

Planting the onions

Kylie digging in the dirt. And did you know, princesses do play in the dirt!

Kylie's new word, she is "cultivating" the dirt with Dad.

Charlie Garber comes to visit!

Last week we had a great visit with Charlie Garber (and his mom too!) The twins were more interested in just watching him and observing his moves. (Charlie turns a year at the end of June, so a bit younger than the twins). Too bad they don't live closer, but its great to see the Garbers everytime they are in town.

I've only got one picture of Charlie, so hopefully Katie will share some when she gets back home to Ohio.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Websters Dictionary, watch out....

Kylie has come up with a new word for the dictionary.

Bath night was last night and we've got a routine. "Usually" one of the twins will get in first, get her done, then Kylie and the second kiddo will get in. It normally gets stressful during the second bath because once Kylie is in the water, she has a hard time listening and being careful of her sister. I think every other thing out of my mouth is "Kylie, watch out!" or "What are you thinking?" It gets frustrating since it always seems she is constantly getting scolded. In any case, last night before she got in, Kylie announced she was going to COOPERTENSION. I asked her to repeat herself so I could get it right....

"Coopertension, mom. You know, Cooperate and pay attention."

Smart kid-- so, look out all you smarty pants, Kylie is now here and making her own words up....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend proved to be busy, but not sure what busy means..... three kids under 4 keeps us pretty busy in itself!

Friday the kids were happy Chris was home, so all attention was given to him.... "play with me daddy, play with me!"

Saturday, the whole crew went to Famous Footwear for Kylie.. she had an audience when she was picking her shoes out. Never would have headed there until a friend told me about a sale... I had to ask where it was located-- can you tell I hate to shop! HA! Kylie ended up with two pairs of shoes and if you call, she'll be sure to tell you all about them. She was SOOOOO excited.

Sunday, the Easter bunny made a huge mess of carrots and lettuce all over the kitchen floor- can you believe it! The bunny did leave eggs out for all the kids. Kylie and Shay were most into it, Anika was not too interested. The weather outside allowed us to get outside for a bit and hang out on the swingset...

And that's the end for us...

Anika in the toybox

Shay wearing Kylie's Dora nightgown-- see almost fits Shay better than Kylie... hummmm...

All three kids playing row, row, row your boat...

Chris and Anika sitting on the stairs watching Kylie on the swingset.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rock Climbing Adventure

Before Kylie's rock climbing adventure....

She did it!! Yeah!!

Dora then and Dora now... (this one is for you Katie)

Just so you can see the Dora nightgown is still around and still fits--- well, that is debateable. the poor nightgown has seen better days, but Kylie refuses to give it up... :)

Kylie October 08

Kylie April 09

April Indoor fun.... We are patiently waiting for Spring..... ha!

Kylie fixing the twins car..... Anika is trying to help too!!

Fix it Kylie

Anika is Kylie's room--- stealing books and pillows (Kylie rarely lets the twins in her room-- must have had a weak moment of some sort...)

The twins checking out the snow, fallen branches, and Odin chasing squirrels.

Anika finds playing in the toy boxes is more fun than playing with the toys... odd child...

Shay pushing over the tower that Kylie and Chris made.
Anika trying to beat Shay to the knocking over of the tower.

Shay gives the blocks back to Chris, while Anika puts them away in the toy box.