Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh, the exciting life...

Where do we start? I would love to copy a friend of mines blog about their wonderful adventures of shopping for lovely dust sucking machine, but we've got way more exciting things happening here... NOT! (Sorry, my dear friend, but I had to mention it)

The Earth Shattering News here at the homefront.... Wait, I've got to think about this a bit, its that exciting here. Somedays it often feels like the movie Groundhog Day. we say the same things over and over again here... for example, "mommy/Daddy are you happy??

On that note, since Kylie loves to ask that question in the middle of one of the twins SCREAMING, Kylie got a taste of her own medicine this weekend. Kylie has become quite the computer guru and was involved with her "DORA" game. (Nana, call her for assistance next time, she'll probably know the answer). Chris was interrupting her concentration and she was not enjoying it. She turned her body around and looked at her Dad and said,m "Daddy, you are being annoying!" and then went back to her game like nothing happened. Now, what 2 year old says that?!?!? Boy, we've got a lot to look forward to, huh?

Anika and Shay decided tonight was a good night to fight... Anika was on the ground batting at the baby wipes and enjoying herself. Shay decided she wanted in on the action and started batting at it too. But, Shay wanted the wipes. Anika did not want to share. Shay started hitting Anika's arm out to the way. Shay got the wipes. Shay 1, Anika 0.

And Odin.... well, he is too lazy to get involved in any fights between the girls. He often takes his naps far from the girls and in places he should not, like on the bed. Its no wonder the bed is warm all the time. Oh, the life of a dog!

The twins at 4-5 months-- Anika closest to you and Shay in the back.. not fighting here-- yet.

Certainly does not look like Daddy is annoying here does it?

And finally, Odin.... Rough life he lives here.

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