Sunday, February 28, 2010

More snow and Santa returns...

Nothing too new this week... The kids got out and played in the snow again-- every new snowfall, we are out there, regardless of the temp. Sometimes its insane, but I've taught Kylie that we need to watch the weather channel because the meteorologists tell us how long we can stay outside before we'll turn into popsicles. It has worked this far..... next winter, probably not...

And Shay has revived the Santa suit. The suit she is wearing is from the Santa run I did back in December. Its nothing special, but she LOVES to wear it and Anika will just follow behind saying, "ho, ho, ho." Very cute, but really, we want spring!

Kylie doing what she does best- eating the snow... and don't worry grandparents- she only eats the white snow...

Anika eating too-- whatever Kylie does, the twins follow suit.

Santa Shay and Paddington Bear Anika (The boots Anika is wearing is from when we were kids--a big paddington bear--- Seems like they are a popular toy among all the cousins)
Cheesy Smile Ani...
The girls also had their 2 year check-ups...both girls are doing well, getting big and full of piss and vinegar.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crayons and Babies

This past week, the kids made some new crayons with all the old ones. We took many old crayons, took the paper off, and put them in a mini muffin tin.... then the "magic" happened and they turned into new rainbow crayons. The highlight of the activity was watching them disappear in the oven. I've never seen them sit and watch something for so long... needless to say, it was a good 30 minutes!

Kylie helping the little girls color

Anika using stickers- thankfully Kylie likes to share some items.

Anika on the verge of tears because Shay came over and stole some crayons.

Shay done coloring and moved onto legos

Anika is guarding her new possessions. And yes, purple nails-- Chris did all the kids nails while I was out. I think he found a new calling with his little girls! :)

Kylie modeling her new crayons

Shay masterminding her plan on how to take things from Anika without getting into trouble.

The Babies--
Anika spent a good couple hours playing with her babies last week. She would change their diapers, give them medicine, feed them and take them "out." However, she needed help when it came to taking them out because she wanted to stuff them all into the backpack Marie made her. These poor babies were shoved in the bag, but whatever, Anika was happy as could be. Below are the pics from her day with the babies----

Stop taking my picture! UGHH!

They are almost heavier than me!

Kylie's first REAL sledding adventure

We ventured out to the "big" hill at the community park last Sunday. Kids were very excited to go-- mainly Kylie because this was her first "real" experience sledding. The plan was to just take Kylie and the twins play at home with me, but it didn't happen. They threw a fit once they saw KMD putting on her snowpants.... so, we all went to the sledding hill. Kylie got the real sled and the twins, well, got pulled in the makeshift sled, the laundry basket. Many, many comments were made to me while Chris and Kylie were sledding... I guess it is about time we buy another sled-- but knowing how cheap I am, it will have to be on clearance! HA!

**If you really want to revisit the laundry basket sled pictures, look back a couple posts, you can't miss it! :)

Anika playing in the snow

Shay playing in the snow

Kylie and Chris- way up to- second one from the right (they are sitting on the sled ready to go)

And they are off! (second sledder on the hill-- sorry, you can't make out their faces).

Random Shots from the house

No witty titles for this week, sorry. Here are some pics from the past two weeks-- nothing out of the ordinary, but lots of pics of the kids playing.

Kylie testing out her gymnastics ability on the couch or just not wanting to squish the My Little Ponies...

Anika and her blocks-- and the massive mess behind her from her sisters

Shay and her cell phone and goggles. She's ready to head to the pool.

The girls longing for summer.

Shay and Kylie taking care of all the babies

Anika sitting on Kylie's pillow (that she stole from KMD's bed) and making herself comfortable with all the stuffed dogs and rabbits.

And this is what happens when you wake up extremely early (earlier than Chris) for atleast two weeks and pass out at 6:00.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wee ones turn TWO!

The buggers turned two on Monday.... cannot believe they are two on so many levels...

Interesting facts:

Anika blames Shay for everything! Shay! Shay!

Shay eats everything and anything

Anika is a very picky eater (after me)

They love having their hair done up.

Shay idolizes Kylie.

Anika is really good at legos.

Shay is the messiest eater in town-- even beats Odin some days

Anika throws a fit if there is even one ounce of liquid or spot on her clothes-- she has to change immediately.

Shay and Anika LOVE taking Kylie to school, but 10 minutes after being home, they are going to get their coats and waiting at the door to pick Kylie up.

Shay LOVES to clean, put things away, and change clothes.

Anika loves to throw things away-- somethings are not necessarily garbage

Anika loves to change babies diapers

Shay loves to take care of Odin-- sending him outside, telling him to eat and giving him hugs.

Shay loves to sleep

Anika.... well, debatable.

Shay and Anika have grown to love the show Chuggington on Disney-- THANK GOD--- I can have a break during the day!

Shay and Anika have to have 10000000 hair bows and barrettes in their hair to make their outfit complete. (Dad has gotten REALLY good at doing hair...)

Shay and Anika wearing their new hats courtesy of Kylie who got to go to Disney on Ice (highly recommended by Chris for those who are interested)

Shay and Anika checking out their dirt cake--Shay looks freaked out

Shay and Anika still freaked out by the singing, but not to worry, Kylie is there to help blow out the candles.

Shay digging in her own dirt cake

Anika eating hers... I think....

Anika opening her gift from Buppa- homemade dolls with clothes! Anika can now change her clothes all day! Yeah!

Shay hugging her new baby

Kylie and Shay playing with the play food the Danneggers gave them.. another huge hit!

Afternoon in the Snow!

Anika and Shay in the "boat"

The cute girls!

Kylie doing her angels

Kylie trying to teach Shay how to do angels-- I think they just caught snowflakes on their tongues instead!

Wait Kylie, wait!!!

Getting our big sleighs ready for Odin to pull up and down the street

Shay and Kylie in their sleigh-- they laughed the entire time up and down the street-- they thought Odin was so funny pulling a laundry basket up and down the street. He much prefers the boat with just the little kids.....

Anika eating some snow

Probably my favorite of the day-- Shay being Shay



Kylie in the driveway stuck in the basket

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Kids

Big kids at work

Don't mind Shay's hair- she did not want it up anymore after naps.

Anika working hard

Kylie working on her school valentines