Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Polar Express Makes a local stop

Polar Express made a stop not too far from the house, so we jumped aboard and the kids not only got to see Santa, but also their first train ride. They were thrilled, even though Shay and Kylie weren't 100%, but rallied for a few hours and then got home and crashed and burned. Hard.

All Aboard! Kylie and Anika sharing a seat.

Shay and Amanda

We're moving Ani!


Santa's picture--- not so stellar, but the next two pics of Anika should do the justice.


Now we're caught up for a few months, will post Christmas pictures once I get enough complaints from down south... :)

December Fun

See Nana, they still love it even after all these months! (clean mud)

Shaun the Sheep time before bed! Shay and Anika

Kylie the fashionista.... thanks Buppa for the lovely addition to KMD's wardrobe!

Twins working in Santa's workshop!

Twins working hard on painting ornaments--- and for all you family who read this, you'll be getting an ornament, but not ontime since its the 22nd and I am sick as a dog! HA! Late again!



Anika,VERY serious business of painting. The girl did not want anyone to disturb her or move the table.

Santa, Santa and more Santa

The annual trip to Santa and Joe the Elf.

Kylie talking to the big cheese. Don't worry, she put in a good word for Odin too.

Anika getting the nerve to talk to him, but still not sure about his lap.

This is about the time Shay loses it (behind Anika) and is trying her hardest to get away!

Anika was brave!

Cookie time!

Anika just looking at the big dude.... in awe.

Christmas Trees and Santa Runs

Picking out a Christmas Tree--- was an adventure in itself and FREEZING COLD!

Shay with Kylie in the background trying to talk Dad into her tree.

Anika, "mom, can we go already?"

David getting ready for his Santa Debut (Santa 5k Race-- most fun you'll ever have running a 5k)

Three Crazy Santas getting ready to rumble in the fresh snow

Random pics

Random pics throughout the year my sister passed on.....

All the cousins from the Smiley side

Shay and Amanda

Ani and Chris

The family

Kylie and her cousins

Kylie and her cousin

Kylie again with her cousins, have no idea when this was, maybe Aprilish??

Nana in town...again, not sure when this was...

Twins second birthday party... eating dirt.

Kids Christmas Tree

We've got two trees up this year, one fake, one real. This one we did right after Thanksgiving and its been claimed to be the kids tree. Its mainly ornaments the kids made or ones that Buppa made that they particularily love.


Anika smells (and licking when no one was looking) the cinnamon ornaments Kylie made at school last year)

Three dorks loving their tree!