Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Tri-Team

My days of Ironman tri's have been long lost in the midst of the kids-- however, started on the bike again this week and there might be hope for 2011 return, but that certainly is a long shot... but on that note, Pat Peppler raced today in Racine with some super speedy stats and qualified for the 70.3 World Championships in FL in November, the man is a machine-- plain and simple, a well oiled machine. In any case, this post is dedicated to him-- Pat, this is my tri team in training.

Kylie, the swimmer (only have videos, sorry, this picture will have to do)

Anika, my die hard biker

Shay, the super speedy runner with the sweatband

A week in Review

The Loony toon children have been off the wall crazy lately. It might be because they caught up on their rest from the last two weeks of company and activities--- or that Daddio has been extra crazy lately. Hummmm.... not sure. We were quite busy at the pool (Linda's, YMCA, the deck pool and D's) this week--- with it ending at the Danneggers and Kylie jumping off the diving board all by herself. She was an animal! Kylie also cruised through swim lessons passing to the next level after only being at three classes in the past 5 weeks. Opps.... Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a rainy day here soon- I need a break from the pool and the hot hot weather! :) Here are some random pics from the week--- they are a little bizarre- mainly Ani.

Anika was helping my find my bike gear and happened to fall in love with Chris' helmet. She wears it everywhere but the table for meals and to bed. It has seriously become part of her identity this week.

Kylie taking a break from swimming.

The helmet again.

Shay playing in the water this weekend with some new tools.

See, the helmet is everywhere....

Anika (pre-helmet-- early in the week) playing hair dresser like her sister does. Too bad her baby is bald!

Kylie posing with her new animal that Dad won for her at D&B.

Shay-- was trying to capture the massive curls this girl gets in the heat...

Ani and her bike

Kylie with her other animal that Dad won for her at D&B.

A Cardboard Box

Need I say more?

Ani and Shay

Where are the two trouble makers?


Again, Again, Again!!!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July

The 4th of July weekend was a busy one, but a good one! The weather was great, lots of playing outside and lots of laughs! The 3rd, I ran in a 10k in Barrington, first race back in Barrington in about 10 years. The course was the same, but the humidity wasn't a friend. Managed to win my age group, but the time was not of my liking, oh well. Then we headed to Linda's house to play in her pool and completely wear the children out.... it worked. (Thanks Linda). Chris and I watched fireworks from the deck-- the kids were too worn out.

Sunday we headed to the parade and then Smileys and Danneggers headed over in the afternoon/evening. The kids all had a great time. We put the hose up at the top of the slide and created a water slide that seemed to be pretty cool, just really cold water (no pics, not sure what we were thinking!) We'll work on that for next year. Good food, good company and lots of laughs.

Anika getting her friends ready for a picnic on the 3rd.

Shay too---- she was attending Ani's picnic.

I've got enough food mom!

Cheese! Kylie wanted the picture, but as soon as she got the camera, Ani and Shay came running over to sit with her.

Chris and his girls at the parade.... Odin was there too and quite popular.

What's better than a 4th of July Princess at dessert?

Aunt Julie's dessert has everyone stopped---- and eating. It was awesome.

Ryan looks like he is trying to steal a dessert.... :)

Anika DID steal someone dessert-- Shay's. And in case you did not hear, you have to have dessert while wearing your backpack.

Nana's Visit

Nana made her appearance here in Chicago area... and that means keeping her super busy so she does not rearrange your furniture....... so, we did just that. From swimming at the pool, tye-dying, making clean mud, cooking, going to Moe's, going to the park, picking raspberries--- we were super busy. The kids loved it-- esp. Kylie and Anika who befriended Nana-- Shay decided after 6 days that Nana was okay, but not good enough to let her really play with--- she was just being a dork. In any case, here are some pics from the week.

Anika playing with the clean mud (not a great pic, but she's been the super trooper with this stuff and loves to play with it)

This is the look Shay gave Nana all week..... you can make your own captions as to what she is thinking.


Kylie with the clean mud

Kylie wanted a million pics done, so consider yourself lucky with only a few......

Sibthorp Playdate!

Been a little slow on the blog lately-- but we'll catch up to speed. We had a great impromptu visit from the Sibthorps (Chris' sisters family) right before the holiday weekend. The kids had a great time visiting with each other... too bad we didn't get many pics, but the ones we did were great. Thanks for making the trek to chicagoland Sibthrops. It was a great visit and you're welcome anytime!

Cousin Laurel and Kylie

Laurel, Kylie and Anika

And now everyone looking at the camera

Shay, Laurel, Kylie and Anika--- all smiling, holy cow!