Sunday, August 31, 2008

Black and White

Many questions have come up about these twins and to set the record straight-- no they are not identical and actually are quite different in all areas-- Here are a few.

Anika- loves her mimi (pacifier) and can't sleep without it
Shay- loves her thumb and could care less about the pacifier

Anika- eats only when she wants to-- well sometimes force fed
Shay- could eat anytime any place
Anika-- sleep-- are you kidding! She is our party animal
Shay- needs her sleep-- we never miss her naptime!

Anika- loves the saucer
Shay- loves the walker

Anika- Doesn't like to stop-- because that would mean she'd have to sleep or eat
Shay-- is fairly laid back and happy unless she has missed her nap

Anika- 1/2 taller than Shay
Shay- 2 lbs heavier than Anika

Anika- Sleeps on her stomach
Shay- Sleeps on her back
Anika- picky eater
Shay- eats pretty much anything you give her

Anika-still can squeeze into 6-9 month clothes
Shay- forget anything that is not 12 month or bigger!

These two kiddos have their own language, fight over every toy, wake each other up with their screams (they share a room), love their big sister, love the hairy dog and sneezy cat, and most days jump up to see their dad when he comes home from work.

Here are some recent photos of the "monster twins."

Anika on your left, Shay on the right
Shay on your left, Anika on your right-- they are waiting for some meal.. whatever it was, we are never fast enough. Even so, Shay gets very angry at you when you are feeding Anika. Its rather humorous at times.

Anika playing and probably trying to steal toys from Shay.

Shay getting pissed because Anika stole her toy or its past her bottle time.

And last.... this child drives us to have a drink...... and sometimes we share! HA!! Just kidding mom!

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Brennan said...

You know its funny because I was wondering if they were identical. I had noticed they resemble each other, but they did not look exactly alike though. They are soooooo flippin cute!