Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Presents!

Buppa, this picture is for you-- Kylie made this with some help from me ( I know, don't faint) and is so proud of it. It is her first sewing project and she has more to do, but of all people, we (well, Julie) suggested I send a picture so you can see another one of your great grandchildren enjoying what you love. And Julie.... did you notice the shirt? She's wearing the other one tomorrow to school... :)

Grandma and Grandpa Donovan-- this one is for you. That birthday money burned a hole in Kylie's pocket. She got your letter on Saturday and was asking to go to the store that evening--- we made her wait until Monday. We are mean. After a couple trips down some aisles at the store, she finally decided on a pet unicorn. However, now the hard part is her deciding what to name her unicorn. We've been through every name, seasonal name, tree name, flower name, food item, etc, she just can't decide. So all your followers, send some ideas.

Final days of Summer!

Last official weekend of summer..... Although it rained last night and this morning, the sun came out and made the afternoon a great time to ride bikes. Here are some pics from the afternoon.

Shay pissed at something, but also showing off her new trike and helmet. (our kids have something with helmets- they love them, see previous posts).

Anika riding a bike and yelling at Dad to let go!!!! Let GO!! I do it!!


Kylie on her new birthday bike-- and she is quite speedy.

I said, LET GO!

Kindergarten here we come....

Kylie's big first day was on Sept. 1st. The child was sooooooo excited. She was so excited not only to be in Kindergarten and meet new friends, but more importantly to TAKE THE BUS!

Kylie Stats: Green Kindergarten shirt, yellow and pink skirt (Annalee and Abby wore it, so it is cute), red headband and a huge smile.

Breakfast- waffles and strawberries

Weather- Rain

Best quote Before school: "yeah, Daddy gets to wait with me for the bus and you mom have to deal with the sisters inside." (however, keeping the twins inside was impossible, they wanted to ride the bus with her)

Saying good-bye-- pretty much everyone but mom.

Best quote about school: " Dad, there are a lot of rules at school."

Kylie before heading outside in the rain

Before heading out in the rain-- Anika has her backpack on ready to go (with her baby) and Shay in her sparkly shoes (not seen in pic) and her baby, ready for school too.

Waiting in the rain- notice I am the only one under the umbrella-- everyone else wanted to get wet.

Kylie barely seen on the bus-- forgot to get the camera out

Chris got to school before the bus and caught Kylie getting off the bus-- still smiling.

Waiting in line to get into the classroom

2nd Day of school!

2nd day-- and yes, everyone had to be in the picture, including Odin.

A blast from the past

We had to start Labor Day weekend with great company--- and great laughs. Hoov made her trek back to Chicago land for an old teammates wedding and we got to catch up --- without the kids! Hoov left her two boys in good hands and we left ours with whoever would take them.... I am a little jealous-- she got to sleep in and not have a kid wake her up at some ungodly hour for a snack! :) Hope you slept well Hoov... We also met up with another teammate, Erika who was our tour guide in 8 inch heels, maybe not 8, but pretty close.... :) It was a good night, good laughs, and good stories of which I'm still questioning---- Erika...

The "Real 5th Birthday"

A bit late, but better than never. Kylie turned 5 at the end of August and was sure to mention to everyone that she is now five. She had a morning at the park with some friends, Moe's for lunch (her favorite) and then the toy store to play for a bit longer. Then, because she had to have a "new" cake on her birthday, had a chocolate cake with white frosting and pink colored sprinkles-- very specific child when it came to her cake.

Here are some pics from the afternoon...

The "big" cake

Twins not so sure what to do since there was fire---- Kylie is eyeing the sprinkles to make sure every piece will have some.


Blow them out!

"I like cake."


The intricate eater

I don't drop a bite