Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling, rawhide!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I know, update this more.... But, that would mean we have time to spare and time to spend on the internet... spare time is something of the past. I hear at some point, we'll have some free time, but right now, the time flies.

As far as things to report-
6 Month stats--
Anika is now 15 lbs and 5 oz
Shay is now 17lbs and 4 oz

The twins roll all over the place now.... seriously, across the entire carpet and then like to roll onto the hardwood-- and boy that feels and sounds good when their heads hit the floor. Sometime they'll learn, right? Chris brought up the "corral" this weekend to try to confine them. Kylie likes to be locked in there with them, so it might just work to my benefit sometime!

Kylie is a crazy girl-- always busy and always asking a million questions. Kylie knows how to spell her name and can almost spell her last name. She knows her "house name" meaning address and knows how to get home from the beginning of the neighborhood. And the internet, she could teach Nana a few things-- this girl can navigate EVERYWHERE on the net. Like I said, its scary how much this little chica knows.

Today we made it out to the Pig Roast down the street. Kylie's favorite part was the music and the "surprises" you got (the kids played games and got tickets for playing-- then in turn, the ticket were used to get prizes). Kylie came home with two new bracelets (pink and purple of course), piggy bank, and a bouncy ball. All of which have a nice new home and soon to be lost in the mass of toys here.

Here are some pictures from today... Kylie was trying to be a baby again sitting in Anika's carseat and Chris with all this girls... Sorry, no pics of me, I am always the one taking the photos!! I'll work on that one next week.

We'll aim for an update midweek, but don't hold your breath.... its all contigent on these girls and the free time they allow us............. :)


Brennan said...

Those are some great pictures! I don't know how you are able to spare anytime. I am so bad at updating my blog...worse at downloading pictures off my camera. YIKES! Can't wait for the next update.

marion3233 said...

How do you keep socks on those twins feet? Duct tape was the only possible way to keep them on Maddy. :) Glad your "spare time" is spent updating us..shouln't you be sleeping? I enjoy the reading material though...keep it up.