Sunday, August 31, 2008

"I'm a Big girl, I'm three!"

Kylie turned three as many of you know on Tuesday of last week. It was a pretty low key happening around here- big surprise for this family-- and not to mention the wonderful snotty cold we all had (minus Chris).

Kylie had pretty much all she could ask for. For a few weeks we had been hearing about how she wanted dinosaurs. Chris told her that dinosaurs were really hard to find in stores. Of course, the first thing she opened that morning were a set of six baby dinosaurs. They all have names and they all get to play unless they are grumpy (atleast that is what I hear--- there seems to be one that is always grumpy and I get to play with him-- geeh, what does that mean?). You'll see in some pictures, the dinosaurs are there-- especially for blowing out the candles! Kylie also got her own tricycle and of course, DORA legos. What more could a girl ask for??

Below are the pictures of the bday. She had a great day and managed to stay cold free until Wednesday. And the poor girl, she got the worst of the sickness.... still fighting it, but almost back to the normal Kylie.

Kylie waiting for her ice cream cake and candles.
Kylie blowing out her candles-- notice in the photo the dinosaurs and her "Sheepy" that is watching her do this monumental blow.

And, we could not do a post if we did not include DORA....

Happy Birthday Kylie! 360 days till the next!


Brennan said...

Happy Birthday Kylie!!!! Kael will be 3 in November, so they are pretty close in age.

Connie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one!
Aunt Connie