Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Latest Wedding

Last weekend we ventured to Anamosa Iowa for Sara and Derick's wedding. We had a great time once we got there, but getting there proved to be difficult with Anika... She just "loves" to travel in the car, enough to make sure we all will remember and smell for quite awhile! HA!
Here are some pics from the wedding. I did not get many-- sorry!

Princess Sara and Prince Derick

Tinker Kylie (new nickname) and Anika

Shay and Chris

Grandma and Anika

Kylie and Anika--- happy to be home!

Fun in the heat.... inside and out...

no captions, sorry..... its been hot, the kids want a pool, and Odin is shedding like crazy. As you can see, even with 50 on Kylie's face, she still is getting a red! HOT, hot , hot!!

Fathers Day

Chris got some great photos of the kids for fathers day. We put them in a frame so he can have some updated photos at work--- he didn't have much, but that is the way Chris likes it-- plain and simple. Three pictures did not put him over the edge, thankfully...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bathtime, park visits and ballet class

Pictures are way easier than writing.... not to mention it saves me lots of time!

Kylie and Anika

Anika not sure she wants to share the bath with both her sisters....


Duck, duck, duck....

Ryan's it!

Getting ready for Ballet/Tap classes

Anika lounging

Shay learning how to sit on a chair rather than stand on it.
Kylie on the Dora trike


The Barr family came to visit us a couple weekend agos... Great to see Darin and meet his family. Hopefully we'll get to Coumbia at some point to visit them and see the good old places in town!

Kylie, me, Darin and Ethan (the other kids where with Chris and Nikki)...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Milwaukee Zoo

Friday, we stole Chris away from work for the day so he could go to the zoo with us. We met up with Sarah, a good friend from high school, and she walked around with us. Her aunt and uncle happen to volunteer at the zoo too, so they came and gave more background on the animals. It was pretty cool.

The best part of the day, besides meeting up with a good friend, was the giraffes. Kylie and Chris got to actually feed the giraffes. Apparently Kylie was not nervous at all, she just did not want the giraffe to touch her hand.
Kylie waiting..... "I'm soooo excited!"

One of the giraffes

Feeding leaves and crackers

Kylie's new friend

The Zoo crew

Beauty salon by Kylie

Need I say more?