Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm a Runner Mom!

"I'm a Runner Mom. I am a super fast runner. Watch me." Kylie runs laps around the house and not only does it wear her out but if we're lucky, it entertains the twins. But Kylie transformed into a "real runner" today.

We headed today to the "running shoe store" aka Runners High and Tri. (For those of you who like to run and like in the Chicago burbs, this is a store that cannot be missed.) Kylie was so excited to go visit this "Running store" that she had to change her shirt to her pink running shirt. She thought she was the coolest now and although I am biased, she was looking pretty cool. The actual purchase of shoes was uneventful since these folks know their stuff, but Kylie was just entralled with the amount of PINK and YELLOW items in the store. Kylie would have emptied the banking accounts if she actually got everything she touched. In any case, after carrying around the "beautiful Yellow running shoe that has to come home mom" the woman working there helped distract her and lead her to a yellow waterbottle which now completes Kylie's running attire. She is a "True Runner" now she thinks. She even carries it properly.... oh, does this mean she'll be a high maintenance runner?? I think Chris might cringe-- again.

And you guessed it, when she got home, she asked for it to be filled and changed into "running" shorts and asked when Mom was going running..... Ummm... yeah, its raining... Thankfully! It's a day off.... I think...

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