Sunday, February 20, 2011

Painting Day

Nothing better than painting on a lazy weekend day..... As you can see, Kylie doesn't even bother to change out of her pj's when she doesn't have to!

Three Year Old "Big Kids"

Here are some pics from the birthday celebration and gift opening.....

Tye-dyed socks from Buppa and Big Papa! Anika is checking each pair out

Shay is more than thrilled- she is obsessed with socks and inspects socks everyday to make sure there is absolutely no way her socks will develop any holes.

Then we rewrap it all up

Birthday Cake is COMING!!!!!

Anika had to have a blue cake.....

Shay had to have the PINK cake... and notice, Anika is not so sure about the fanfare of singing...

Blowing them all out!

Shay has already put her handprint in her cake...

Mmmmm.... blue cake.

I'm 3 and I LOVE DORA.


Strawberry shortcake CAR!



"We got COLORS!"


WOW..... as Ani says it, "This is the BEST birthday EVER!"

My Chefs

Before we can cook, we have to take a picture of Kylie's new smile...

Chef Shay-- which happens to be my fav pic of her.

Chef Ani

Chef Kylie, the fashionista

The birthday cake---I think its the only pic we have! Oh well!

Blizzard of 2011

This would be 9pm the night of the heavy snow

Odin 5:30am-- trying to find a place to relieve himself--- he can barely walk through!


Back Deck

Odin trying to find "shallow" ground to rest in-- swingset seemed to have some places for him to rest.

Chris on the 3-4 hour mission to clean the drive

The peanuts trying to keep Chris company while he plowed-- they are on the front walk...

KMD trying to stand in the snow.... Twins didn't even try, they just sat.

Crawling up the mountain to the back deck

Kylie leading the way-- all the way in the corner, twins are trying to keep up with her.

Odin's nemesis

The Day before the blizzard of 2011, this "little" dude was just staring into our house at Odin, probably about 3 ft from the house. By the time I got my camera, he had moved the street, but circled the house a few times (and the neighbors)... apparently he thought Odin was something good to eat, but little did he know, Odin is massive compared to him!

December and January

First Day of Preschool--- happy now, but followed by 45 minutes of crying for Daddy to come "Save them."

Home Depot's New Employee

Princess Anika
Fake snow at Botanic Gardens


Christmas Morning pics------ better late than never! Ha!