Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter egg hunts and crazy loons

This weekend was the neighboring community's annual easter egg hunt. We made it there this year with all three kids (last year only KMD got to go). The kids had a blast, got tons of eggs and braved the cool 45 degree temps. The eggs have proven once again to be a great toy-- can kids ever get sick of going on egg hunts?

Here are some other random shots from the week.

Not sure what is going on here but it brought back memories of college swimming and hazing (or also called "team building).... anyone else?

Anika playing Chuggington

And as Shay would say in regard to the last caption: "Me too, Me too!!"

Kylie waiting at the egg hunt

Anika and Shay waiting.... trying to understand why the hell we have to wait?!?!? This is punishment!

Kylie going right for the middle of the circle!

Anika collecting her eggs

Shay collecting hers

And these are the crazy loons--- Anika becoming egg salad

Kylie chucking eggs at Chris and running away from him.

Anika- don't you just love my hair bows?

Shay after becoming egg salad....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sick kids, goofy girls, and tired parents

The lovely time change really took us for a ride this year. I think we felt that "lost hour" for the full week. Started with Shay screaming in the middle of the night only to find she had puked for us. Poor peanut. She then spent the night with Chris on the couch and Anika could not sleep in her room without her sister, so she slept with me on the bed.... and so did Odin. Needless to say, the queen size bed was not enough for Odin, Anika and myself....

The week continued on in a daze. Shay finally seemed to kick the virus and fever midweek, but still (Sunday) seems to be recovering still, but gets very tired and whiny after little activity. She'll hopefully get back on track here this week.

Anika was on meds and seemed to bypass this one, so far. I will probably bite myself in the ass for saying that... Kylie has continued to stay healthy as well... hoping it continues because this last week was one I would not like to repeat. However, Chris seems to be starting in with the sore throat and cold.... I just want summer-- sun and warmth!

Kylie swam like a fish this week at swim class. So much it was almost unreal. She wears a little floaty thing on her back and seems to have no fear anymore. She jumps in, goes underwater and swims to the wall with no help. I have to say, it is pretty cool to see, seeing last year was she was so scared. Hopefully it will continue and as one friend says, "she will be swimming 100 flys in practice in a drag suit on the 105."

Lastly, Happy 40th Birthday Big Bro! Maybe Bryn will share some pictures of the fiesta before you turn 41! :)

Kylie in her fort, that Odin took over... Kylie was a real trooper and helped out when Shay was sick. She took care of Anika and made sure she was always happy.

I think Odin really liked her fort more than she did... And I cannot forget to mention the headband that her cousins Annalee and Abby gave her. I am sure she has told everyone she knows about it.

The silly girls-- thanks Katie for capturing this. I think it is hilarious!

I'm not really sure why they are holding their ears on this one.... but again, too funny.

Swimmer Shay

Swimmer Anika

Anika and her green eyes-- they looks so green in this picture...

Kylie supervising her sisters eating popsicles

Anika wearing her popsicle.

Twins snapshots from two weeks back

Here are some pictures from a few weeks back.... I can't remember much from two weeks back, so hopefully these pictures can bring back some memories.

Shay showing off her favorite pants-- Buppa made them for one of the Dannegger girls and now its moved onto the Donovan girls. Shay LOVES them and even though they are getting pretty short, she continues to wear them. Hopefully this brings a smile to your face Buppa. Hope you are feeling better!!!

Shay again in her pants.

Anika playing with one of the most annoying toys in the world. Mary, why the hell did I buy this at the resale? I cannot get it to shut up even in the box. However, the girls love this game... its just a headache when it is constantly playing. Quack, quack, quack, quack.

Anika doing some light reading at Kylie's school fundraiser. (she got through about 10 pages of the bible before she was tired.

Anika and Shay in their "cosby" sweaters reading together.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ummmmm, can you guess who their mom is?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

knickers and books

Midweek Bloopers

Shay for some reason or another decided to pull her socks up high and run around the house laughing. Here she is in the bathroom, after looking at herself in the mirror for a few minutes giggling. I do remember my mom having us wear knickers, so somehow or another Nana, she is getting fashion advice from you---- is that a good or bad thing? :)

Afternoon lull-- no tv afternoons make for some interesting make-believe play. In this picture the kids are on a plane going to the beach. They packed all their favorite toys and books and were having a blast. As far as the fashion--- I have nothing to comment- they are some crazy kids.

This is Kylie pretending to be Nana (reading her book she left here in December). Its become one of the favorites because of the pictures of food.

Shay reading her nursery rhymes

Anika reading her mouse book

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Haircuts x 3

All the little chicas in the house got haircuts.... Luckily, our good friends (Pepplers) have this great woman come to their house to cut hair! How awesome is that! Despite the awful morning we had here yesterday, the afternoon was full of smiles because they were ALL excited to get pretty.

Kylie waiting for the chopping to begin....

Anika and Kylie-- the two who had the most chopped off.

All the pretty girls-- all smiles.

And Kylie insisted on this photo because she thought she looked soooooooo pretty in this picture. " I look like a new girl!"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please hit rewind...

I'm really trying today, really, really trying today, but I think I am about broken with my 4 year old.

First of all, anyone who knows us, and knows Kylie, knows that sleep is not a high priority for this child. And this is not a new thing, this is about 4.5 years old! The child refuses to let herself rest. Its really rather annoying to me since I like to sleep-- I need the sleep--- I NEED the sleep (just ask Chris). So, this morning, KMD comes in at 5am awake... Chris takes her back to bed. 5:45 as I am leaving to go run, Kylie comes out ready to go for the day, Chris sends her back to bed. (She's not allowed out until 6:45).... She listens and then comes out at 6:45--- HUGE bags under her eyes.

Asking her over and over again, before we get in the car, are you good to go to school? Are you too tired to go to school? Are you okay? She must have gotten asked that a dozen times before we left the garage. "Nope Mom, I'm ready to go!"

I stop and get gas in the car... still, "I'm ready, just a little tired." We pull into school and get out- which is a task since I've got to take the twins in with me everytime. We get into school, hangs her coat up and just starts crying because she is soooooo tired. UGHHHH... Seriously? Did I not just ask you 10000000 times in the car if you were okay... I was beyond annoyed and frustrated. Don't get me wrong, I know she is exhausted and tired.... All her friends hugged and were excited to play, but this kid lost it. I gave her the choice, go have fun with your friends and play for a little bit OR come home, stay in your room read, sleep and rest." She choose to come home and rest..... This is the first time this kid had pulled this and I know she was exhausted, but seriously, after we've driven there, gotten out of the car, etc....

So, on the positive note:
She has rested but no sleep. She has been happy in her room. She ate a great lunch... I do love this kid, but damn Kylie, for the love of god, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SLEEP TONIGHT!!!

Rare picture of Kylie sleeping-- around 10 months old...