Sunday, October 17, 2010

A day for a Princess in training

The Pond/Lambert wedding will be one that Kylie will probably never forget. She got to be the flower girl and be in the presence of a "princess." Kylie's eyes when Alison walked into the waiting room were filled with awe-- it was pretty funny. Congrats to Alison and Jeff, it was a beautiful wedding, great reception and most of all, made Kylie's year. Here are some pics Chris and I caught at the wedding.

Kylie before she took her big walk.... VERY serious.

Smiling since her sisters and Dad were sitting in the back row to cheer her on. :)

Making sure every last petal was gone.

Afterwards-- kids shot. Anika refused to wear fancy shoes, she is more into her new shoes with ties. And Shay just wanted to look like Kylie, act like Kylie and pretty much be Kylie.

Waiting for pictures with the group-- and posing her own way.

Take a picture MOM!

Don't I look cute?

The group

Probably one of my favorites

Just watching them during pictures.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Trip to Iowa

We did one quick tour of Andrew Iowa this past weekend.... visited the Donovan bunch and picked up our meat. The kids had a blast playing with grandma and grandpa- from coloring with chalk, running outside, jumping on the beds, playing with trucks, dollhouses, coloring...whatever it was, they enjoyed it. Came home and sleep well--- so did mom and dad!

Here are some pics from the trip-- sorry, not great with the camera this weekend either.

Anika playing with Gma and Gpa's dollhouse. This one has way more furniture than mine!!!

Kylie getting pummelled by pillows by Gma and Dad.

Kylie thinks she won, but really she didn't.

Car ride home-gotta love stickers (all on her own mind you-- maybe because she was copying KMD).


More stickers

Slacker, I know.

Very much a slacker, I know. No interest in writing on the blog this past month, really bad with taking pictures, and just trying to keep up with everything! Ugh! Here are the pics that were taken last month-- a whole 4 pics! HA!

Anika- clearly deep in thought- probably watching Little Einsteins

Shay and Kylie-- Shay super excited that Kylie is home from school. Shay follows Kylie around like a puppy dog.

Kylie and Shay

Anika just doing her own thing-- and loves to not look at the camera.