Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dora Mania

The Dora following is not just Kylie anymore-- its spread to the whole house. We are stuck with Dora for a long time I think.

Enjoy the video...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who's Who..... see if you can figure out the difference!

See if you can determine which child is which..... :)
we'll give you one hint-- its only two of the kids, not all three!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its been so long, I forgot the password.. opps!

For those of you loyal, haha, followers, I do apologize for the long delay. Truth be told, I could blame the kids and probably should, but its just not something that I really jump to do in my free time. I know, amazing huh? In fact, I am not sure I have much free time... Although as I sit here and write this, technically it is free time, but I am trying to occupy my time instead of eating dinner.. you see, the typical routine calls for us to get the kids in bed, then eat dinner without the constant interruptions we do get. However, tonight, we did get all the kids in bed, but the driveway needed to be cleaned off and the wood box in the garage is empty. So, Chris is outside working on that and I am trying to find something to shut my stomach up.
So--- what's new in our world...

Kylie is back to school this week. She only asked everyday over break if it was a school day because she wanted to see her friends.... Makes me start to wonder, should I have signed her up for 4 days next year instead of just three?? hummm...
Kylie also had her first bowling adventure. She loved it but was not too keen on the buzzing or the ladder. Now, in English-- the buzzer went off everytime her foot went over the line (and of course, the kids always go over the line) and the ladder was a ramp they had for little kids to put the ball on top of and then a little push and the ball flew down the lane. It certainly sped things up, but Kylie didn't like it. She wants to take Chris back and teach him how to play.

Anika and Shay are animals, I mean good kids. :) They are growing like weeds and it amazes us that they will be one in a few weeks. Like, that was a huge BLUR! I am not sure Chris or I could really tell you what happened last year, but apparently we did something right... debatable, I know.

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks-- I do have some recent ones, but that would require me to upload the pics and I don't know where the camera ended up today. I am sure you can deal with what you get, right?

Kylie wearing Pop Pop's cowboy boots (that would be Amanda's dads)

Anika crawling underneath the walker... the next one show her trying to get on top of the walker.

Shay reading Dora.. and for all of you followers, her first word, besides mom and dad, yes, you guessed it, DORA.

Shay getting excited because DORA is on the TV.. she is a minature Kylie...