Sunday, March 29, 2009

What the hell??? Its the end of MARCH!!!

From warm weather to this crap.... we are so ready to be done with Chicago winters!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Enjoying the warmer weather!

Shay outside on the deck

Anika on the deck

The girls chasing each other.....

Enjoying the swings

Kylie and Dad up in the swingset clubhouse-- no twins allowed!!

Kylie playing on what she calls the monkey bars...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Peach Yogurt, blueberries, french fries and cottage cheese

I really thought we were through the puking stage with the little girls. It used to be every time I fed the twins, they would save it up and puke on me, but not Chris. Well, that was when all had was formula. And boy, that stuff smelled nasty....

But the twins have taken a liking to puking in the car. Its such a wonderful feeling when you are driving and then all of a sudden you hear that cough and you think, "oh shit..... not now!" I don't think there ever is a good time to puke, but honestly, its been the worst timing the past two times..

Shay manages to do it literally as I am walking Kylie into preschool... ohhh... yeah, lets bring a pukey kid into school. Lovely timing and with a great aroma of lovely peach yogurt... yuummmmo!

Anika manages to puke this past Wednesday on the way out of the drive thru (yes, I bribed Kylie to take a rest and her reward was a milkshake and fries from McD). Anika was the happiest kid in the car, playing and trying to hold hands with Shay.... then the coughing starts and yummmooo again. Now, we've got the lovely aroma of the french fries in the car for Kylie and Anika's lunch of blueberries, cottage cheese and ham.

Yeah, needless to say, we were all trying to hold our stomachs on the way home... And thanks to Chris who cleaned this one up.... I guess we are taking turns... can't wait for the next one.

Anyone want to go in the car with us? Anyone???

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March... thank god you're here!

Latest pictures from the past week.....

Shay and Kylie in Shay's crib

All three kids in Shay's bed

Anika trying out a new hairstyle-- it lastest 2 minutes.

Shay with her blanket

Both girls just waking up from naps-- and both like to snuggle with their blankets (yes, they both have the same blanket)
Anika playing outside- she likes to push the tricycle around the driveway.

And Shay-- she just likes to run up and down the driveway--- apparently she wants to be an Olympic runner just like Kylie.

Good-bye February!

I think we've recovered from our miserable February of sickness. Kylie managed to recover and is back to her spitfire self. The twins, AMAZINGLY, did not come down with pneumonia, but did however get some pretty nasty colds, coughs and molars. Here are some pictures from February for you all to stay entertained......

Kylie recovering with her puppy (He rarely left Kylie's side the entire month it seemed like... and it surprisingly wasn't because she had food!)

Kylie supporting her new accessories from her friend Andersen. She was thrilled with all of the Valentine day gifts he dropped off.....(My kid liking jewelry? How did this happen? Must be a Donovan trait!)

Shay playing with Odin--- all the kids knock on the window to get Odin's attention and then he barks at them. Then you hear laughing. Poor Odin, he doesn't know what is going on!

Anika giving Odin some love... They truly are best buds.

And of course, Anika has to give Odin a hug.
And for those of you who celebrate birthdays, Odin will be turning 5 next week. That means he is approaching middle age..... not sure I can handle any more high maintenance people in this house! HA!