Tuesday, December 30, 2008

French Anyone??

Kylie has recently really gotten into "Fancy Nancy." Those of you with little girls probably know what I am talking about. In any case, I am in need of some help. Here is the conversation this evening when Chris was reading to Kylie before bed.

"Dad, Jewel is the dog's name and its french for butterflies."

"Wow, Kylie, nice job."

"Dad, how do we say kiss in french?"

"I am not sure Kylie."

Dad, how do we say toot in french?"

The conversation stopped there. Anyone with answers, please advise.

Santa... he's friends with my friend Joe!

Here are some pictures of our visit to Santa. Kylie was a geared up to see Santa at Joe's. (Joe is our realtor who sold us our house in Hawthorn Woods. Kylie likes Joe now since he is friends with Santa and even had to bring Joe cookies since he invited us-- yes, Kylie's idea).

In any case, here are three pics below. We did not forget about Anika... She was fussy the entire time we were there and would not look at the camera when Chris was holding her. Shay was a little freaked as you can see by the picture, but managed to not cry-- probably because she still had food on her tray. And for those of you complaining that I am in no photos--- here you go. I look goofy since I could not kneel down (it was 2 weeks post surgery), but I am actually photographed, so yes, these children have a mom. HA!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa, He brought everything I wanted-- even the chapstick!

Here are some pictures of the kids on Christmas morning/day.

Apparently Kylie was a good kid because she got her coveted Dora Snow Princess.

Kylie, Pegasus, and Snow Princess playing shortly after opening.

Anika/Shay playing on Christmas morning. (Kylie opened all their gifts, so no pictures of the wee ones opening presents- sorry!)

Kylie in her new chef outfit, ready to help Chris make the Ham and dessert!

After dinner and sporting our new Dora Snow Princess PJ's.... And not to mention the wonderful Dora coloring poster too she is holding. Do you see a theme yet?

And Anika starting early.... We do anything to keep them happy somedays!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


No excuses besides.....
The kids have been sick-- they just keep sharing it-- colds, coughs... I think its been three weeks by my count.
Then Amanda had the knee fixed and that has been SOOOO much fun for everyone- Not. Chris has pulled double duty as he had to do everything since I was unable to walk, carry a kid, bathe the kids, etc.. it was a mess..
Then the kids passed their lovely cold and cough to us, and we ended up getting it 2x as bad. So much so, that Chris and I both lost our voices. The kids thought it was great. The timing sucked since we were scheduled to head to IA over Thanksgiving weekend, but we were all miserably sick and stayed put... good thing, cause not sure any of the Donovan family really wants this...

SO..... excuses yes, but I we are trying to play catch up and this is about as good as it will get until we get things back on track, well, attempt I should say.