Friday, August 29, 2008

And we are on the mend.. i think!

Sorry, once again...

It was our intention to update this after preschool open house and Kylie's 3rd birthday, but we got the lovely cold here.

Anika seemed to get it first on Monday afternoon. She managed to not let her parents sleep more than 3 hours that night.

Shay seemed to pick up tuesday afternoon. She managed to keep her parents up as well--- and she screams loud enough to wake up the neighborhood, so she managed to keep everyone up!

Kylie kept it away until Wednesday morning. That girl felt awful, but managed to stay pretty happy. Thursday she spent the day on the couch watching, you guessed it, DORA. I did manage to get in some other shows because I just could not handle it ANYMORE!

Friday-- the twins seem to be doing really well. About 90% well. Kylie is about 75% there, still runny nose, but manageable. She has not sat down since she got up this morning. We have a new "sitter" here to help on Fridays and Kylie has not left her side. She is pretty happy today.

As far as the parents-- Amanda got the nasty cold, probably lack of sleep induced, but has managed to get over it. Chris has been lucky enough to dodge the sucker... let's hope!

Pictures-- yeah, we have them, but not the time needed to make them "look pretty." I'll be sure to put that on our list-- that is a mile long-- for the weekend.

So until next time.... have a great weekend and enjoy the last bit of summer!!

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