Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buppa's Juice

Here is one of the videos from our trip up North. Anika took a liking to Buppa's drink...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Illinois to NY and back...

I am not sure where to even start on this....
Bright and early (3AM) on Thursdays, we woke the kids up, put them in the car and started our trek up north to Buffalo, NY. We managed to make it there in 12 hours, not bad seeing we took two one hour breaks for the kids to play and have a meal. Buffalo has some pretty fantastic people there too-- the Falzarenos and the visiting Buppa and Big Papa.

We had a great time up there-- besides destroying the quiet and calm house, we managed to visit the Falls, Eat some wings, Farmers Market, and some good visiting.

The following posts will have pictures from the adventure... Its hard to pick and choose, so there will be a few.... well, a lot most likely.

Thanks again to Falzarenos from letting us come and play. I hope that you guys get healthy again and enjoy the house and beds (your own) again. And Kate, I had nothing to do with the computer glitches in your room.... really.

Niagara Falls

The day trip to Niagara Falls was a good time for all. We stayed on the American side since we forgot to bring the girls birth certificates. The twins loved it- they love fountains, so this was just a REALLY huge one. Kylie wore her fairy wings with hopes of flying over it but quickly realized the Falls were too HUGE.

Heading towards the Horseshoe Falls

Kylie was amazed at the amount of trees in the water. This is just under the bridge to see the Horseshoe Falls (on the American side).

675,000 gallons a second-- pretty amazing

Post lunch exercise

Little girls stretching their legs


Bubbles with Buppa

Shay and Ani waiting for more bubbles

Smiles all around!

Check out Shay's smile!


And more pictures

Here are just some more random pictures from the visit-- no real order.

Kylie, BP, Amanda, Anika

Buppa and Shay

Buppa playing with Shay and Anika

Lotion time with Buppa


Big Papa

Cooking with the girls-

Glennee, Kylie and Buppa

Glennee and Kylie

BP and Kylie

Big Papa's best side :) (And Arlene in the background- Buppa's neice)

"Buppa Juice"

Anika is now in love with Buppa's juice... Buppa juice was O'Keffe's and Anika was in LOVE with it. Enough so, she would go to Buppa and ask her for juice whether she had some or not..... gotta love the great grandparents!

Buppa starting Anika early

Anika is giggling in this photo and Shay is not quite sure why her sister keeps going back. Shay was not a fan the first try.

"Here Shay, let me hold your chin and really get some in your mouth!" ;)

Anika going back for seconds, thirds, fourths... and so on.

Anika is thinking that if she brings all the cups to Buppa, then maybe she will fill them all up for her....wishful thinking Ani!

Shay trying it again another night.

Anika trying to get Daddy to give her some, no luck.

Shay likes it...

Shay mad because Buppa made her wait for more.

Fairy Kylie

Glennee and Buppa love garage sales-- They have their routes mapped up the morning of and are ready to find some good deals. This time, they allowed Kylie and I to come. Somehow I ended up with a carload of stuff for the girls. The most prominent purchase was the fairy wings. Kylie wore them everyday we were there and even wore them to the Falls hoping that she was strong enough to fly over the waterfall.... (and of course, no pictures to document that, but our minds have it for awhile!)

The Fairy outfit- wings, halo, and shoes

We graduated to the hat instead of halo this rare evening.

(Kate, Kylie and Glennee)

And BP even got a chance to try on the halo- bad camera angle, but he does have it on.


And Glennee--- we can't seem to find the shoes from this adventure, seriously. Any luck at your house? As well as the things I purchased for Chris at the store-- can't find them? Are you holding them sabatoge?

Backyard Fun

Pictures from the the yard.... And nice find Glennee/OJ on the swingset! (They found it at the curb of someones house and cleaned it up for us-- if anyone lives out there, I am sure it will be at the curb this week!)

LOVE this picture-- Anika pushing Shay on the swing

Aunt Kate and Buppa supervising

Kylie getting in on the action

Shay on the slide

Glennee, Kylie, Amanda, and Buppa

Glennee and Kylie are working hard on a project while Buppa and I watch..... thankfully!

Big Papa-- notice, when Chris takes the pictures, there are not middle fingers up by BP. Hummm... so is it a female thing or what?

Uncle OJ and the "Bon Ton" Bear

And here is Uncle OJ with the Bon Ton Bear.... this bear was HUGE and all the kids liked it.

Here Kylie is trying to make sure the bear is all hers.... did not want to share with OJ.

Still waiting for someone to give up the bear... it looks like OJ doesn't want to miss out on snuggling with the bear either.