Monday, November 15, 2010

Holy 65 Years to the coolest Grandparents!

Happy Anniversary to my awesome grandparents! 65 years and still counting-- absolutely amazing. And as luck would have it, no real great shots of them together, so you'll have to do with the three I could find....

Buppa with her great grandchildren last September

Big Papa making sure everyone knows he was in the room-- again, the attention always has to be on him. After all, if you did not know, he is a "freaking war hero."

The only shot I have of them together.... pretty bad job on my part, but it will do! You two are amazing!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween Festivities

Halloween pictures are below--- all three girls were butterflies and managed to bring in some major candy this year.

Daddy and Anika walking with the wagon and the 87 treasure they have to take every time they leave the house-- and no, I am not being THAT sarcastic, it might just be 50 treasures they have to take with them.

Kylie the blue butterfly with matching snow hat

Shay with her green wings

At famous neighbor Lee's house... Kylie and Shay were first to arrive!

All three waiting patiently for candy

and the "witch" delivered the goods.

Trick or TREAT!! NOW!

They were more interested in her decorations than the actual candy!

YMCA Spooktacular
Notice Ani is sniffing her candy..... she LOVES chocolate!

Why do we have to have our picture taken? we just want to go get candy and play!

Kylie on her pony

Oh yeah, this is cool.

The aftermath of some tired kids--- load them up with sugar to go home with! :) As you can see, Ani is half asleep here.

Shay is on a sugar high and just chowing on the frosting.

Kylie is excited about the massive amounts of candy they gave out on the "Trick or Treat Lane."

Random October pics

Some random pics from the month--- nothing too wild and crazy!

Anika playing with the dollhouse her cousins passed onto her.

Twins actually sharing... for a moment.

Even Kylie got in on the fun.....

Anika falling asleep at dinner--- this is what happened 7 out of 10 nights, the twins have decided to boycott naps, so they crash at dinner. Lovely times. :)

Kylie in a dress made by Buppa and showing off her flowers she made. Notice Shay in the background getting all accessorized....

And as if you cannot see the TV when you are standing right infront of it, lets get "noculars" because that can help. They are dorks, yes, major dorks!

Leaves,leaves and more leaves!

This is what fall is all about! Some much delayed pics--- enjoy!