Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy busy weekend!

If you follow me on facebook, you would have known that this weekend was by far the most popular weekend amongst our friends. We have never been invited to so many functions on one weekend, it was insane. So, as sad as it was to say no to some, we had to. No way, no how can we make it to everything.

Saturday started early- I headed to the city for the lakefront 10 mile race with the "sweaty friends" group. Certainly surprised myself with my run--- did not think I was in that good of shape, but I had a certain "thing" ahead of me that I was certain I was not going to let beat me (some of you know what that "thing" was).... Anyhow, a finish of 13th out of 178 is pretty damn good-- I'm happy and that is usually hard to come by when it comes to races. Chris in the meantime took the three kids to Kylie's soccer practice-- in the rain. Kylie seemed to have a good time, but its apparent she doesn't have as good of a coach as last year-- we got really lucky last year. The twins played soccer too (from what I hear) and also were a great cheering section for their big sister. From there we continued on with birthday parties galore--- and ended the night with a Bat Mitzvah. Great time-- what party is not a good one with a massive dessert table with chefs cooking up fresh bananas foster and pitchers of mango martinis? Seriously, a great party and all the kids there had a blast. Thanks Sherwoods!

So, cheers to all you who celebrated this weekend without us! Wish we could have come-- so next year, don't pick the last weekend in April!

And the Donovan girls weekend-- better get some pictures up..... :) Sorry I missed out!
Anika and Shay trying to get into the mickey mouse tv show-- literally.
My new Driver.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soccer and Sisters

Busy week means very tired kids and parents!
This week was the last week of some of Kylie's Y classes. She opted to not go to her science class-- she was beyond exhausted. Swim class was a blast- they got to go in a boat and wear life vests... and then learn how to fall out backwards and stay afloat. Kylie laughed the entire time. Dork. We managed to make it to a park almost every afternoon (awesome weather) and we went out to eat at the kids favorite restaurant-- Moe's. If you haven't been, its a great alternative to McD's (which happens to be open only once a month at our house- don't break the system). The kids eat their ENTIRE tacos there- twins prefer chicken and Kylie steak- big surprise... And to finish off the week, Kylie started soccer. Chris got the honors of taking Kylie to her practice/game on Saturday while I stayed at home with the twins-- and purged half the basement. Much easier without someone there who knows what I am doing (Kylie)... she fights for every toy to be kept and not donated. Like I said, MUCH easier.......

Here are some pictures from the week

Shay waiting impatiently for Anika to finish her popsicle. Pulled up another chair just to stare her down and make her get down.. Shay wanted to play....NOW!

Shay trying to figure out how to take her tray off so she won't have the option to finish. Unsuccessful...

Soccer--- VERY cold.

Kylie chasing her soccer ball

Having a great time!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

One of "those" weeks

This week has been one of "those" weeks..... 2 minute time-outs turn into 2 hour adventures, climbing out of cribs, throwing tantrums at every turn, toddler appetites, and otherwise 3 crazy healthy kids. I can't complain, but man, if it says anything about the week, I've been dressed to run in the garage or close to it waiting for Chris to come home..... Odin gladly joined me and wanted some peace and quiet too!!

Not many pictures this week- lame, I know.

Kylie's lunch

My fashionista-- not sure what possessed this, but she was happy.

I guess the twins were in time-outs too many times this week to get a photo...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break Donovan Style

I think we got the best weather for spring break ever--- well, as far back as I can remember... Not only were the kids worn out after this weeks adventures, but damn I was too! We managed to hit the Milwaukee zoo with the Smiley crew on Monday. (Thanks Natalie for coming to help me out-- it made things much more enjoyable for everyone!). We hit 4 parks in three days and also went to see Sleeping Beauty at the children theatre on Friday. We are exhausted, but it was well worth it. The kids were SOOOO excited to be able to go to the parks and play. The twins are much more mobile and it makes going to the park so much easier-- and more fun! I hope the weather stays, but I am counting one more snowfall-- because after all, it is Chicago.

Kylie on the carousel

Cousin Luke

Shay playing with the outdoor toys indoors-- (they've been hiding all winter)

Anika taking ownership of the stroller-- and I mean ownership. She does not let ANYONE touch it. Its becoming a problem.

Kylie playing with the outdoor trike indoors

The wee ones have graduated-- now all three kids can sit, well sort of-- up at the bar. Makes it sooo much easier.

Kylie bouncing on the big pillow

Easter Weekend

Here are some pictures of the kiddos on Easter morning. Kylie, of course, was up first but was very patient waiting for her sisters so they could all do the hunt together. They all managed to get some good loot and enjoyed the hunt. Truthfully all they really cared about was the big chocolate bunnies and when they could eat them.. :) Can you blame them?

Kylie get some eggs in the hall-- she wanted the pink egg because it had flowers on it... Apparently it is very special.

Anika collecting

Kylie checking every room out

Anika hurdling over the big pillow to find more eggs before anyone else

Shay checking her loot.

Anika discovering there is good stuff in the eggs-- trix AND chocolate.

Shay overloading on Trix--- nice glaced look in her eyes

The only day you get chocolate after eating breakfast....

Really, I can eat it after breakfast? Really?