Friday, August 22, 2008

The things kids say

Here is an episode of Kylie at the Doctor today---

Doc: "Kylie, can you stand on one foot?"
Kylie: "No, I stand on two foots." (not to mention she gives the doctor a look like, duh!)
And a bit later in the conversation, Kylie mentions she is going to run in the Olympics (and tonight she clarified saying she is going to run the long ones cause that is what I like).

Kylie: "I'm cranky today, I don't think I need to get my shots today."

Then the doctor leaves. we are waiting now for the shots to arrive.
Kylie: "Okay, I went to the doctor today, I am ready to go to school.
Mom: "So you are not cranky anymore?"
Kylie: " No I am cranky still, I don't need my shots today."

Still waiting for the nurse to come back and we get "Mom, let's get out of here."
Mom: "No Kylie, we still have to wait a few minutes."
Kylie: "I am cranky, I do not need to stay.

I am sure there were more "Kylie-isms" but I can't remember that far back on the day.

We'll try to give an update after the preschool open house. I'll let you all know if she is cranky.

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