Sunday, November 29, 2009

November, November, really its almost December?

Geez, time flies.
Last time we posted, we just got back from Iowa and here we are almost December. Geezzz... After returning from Iowa, we managed to stay healthy a week and then we got hit with croup. Kylie was the first with the seal barking cough and then promptly passed it to the twins. It was a fabulous week. (For those of you who don't know croup- its a lovely barking cough accompanied by the cold that never ends). All three of the kids ended up getting the steroid to help them breath and Anika added an ear infection onto her week of sickness. I think we are almost 100%- Anika still has a "funny" voice.

But we certainly cannot keep Odin out of this.... he added in the week of hell, I mean sickness. Not only were the kids sick, but Odin couldn't seem to keep things together either. Poor hound couldn't keep anything in him. After 3.5 days of Odin feeling lousy, had to hire someone to come take Odin to the vet because the kids were too sick to leave the house, thankfully Katie came to the rescue and got Odin to the doc. He got some fluids, meds, and seemed to be okay... until yesterday when we noticed he'd been puking his food up again. So, back on the bland diet. We are now thinking its the dog food--- maybe the new blend of food by Iams, who knows.

So anyhow.... We had a good remotely healthy Thanksgiving. Chris did a great job on the meal. LOTS of leftovers, but so many meals to make from them.... Over the long weekend, got to see Hoover, who I have not seem in 2.5 years. So great to see her again and meet Parker-- MOVE back here soon please. :) Chris let me leave the house and run with friends, so nice. Its been a long time since I've been feeling this good running..... Long time. And in between all the crying, whining, feeding, and complaining, all the Christmas decor is up. All in all, a great family weekend.

Here are some pics from the weeks past..
Anika and Shay playing on the computer-- this is one moment where they were not beating each other up or pushing one another off the chair- amazing.

Aleks, Kristin, Parker, Shay, Amanda, Anika and Kylie--- this is when we thought we had control...
And then we lost it.....

Shay and Kylie cooking on Thanksgiving with Daddy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shay with the mirror

This is a video from a few weeks back when Shay got really interested in the mirror... She is a dork as are her sisters. She is in our closet and Anika is the voice in the background.

The Homefront

Kylie and Shay reading. Kylie likes to read to her sisters-- A LOT.

Anika playing with her pots-- in and out of the drawer all day long. She tries all different configurations to get the drawer to close. Whatever keeps her happy somedays!

The POOR neglected Dog.... Do you think he can get any more comfortable? I mean seriously...

Shay playing outside-- sorry, I cannot figure out how to rotate and save with our new program.. give me a few more tries.

Anika and her popsicle-- again, sorry, cannot rotate properly... uggghhh...

Trip to Iowa

This past weekend we headed to Iowa to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa. We also got to see the Sibthorps, Parmers, and Donovans. It was a packed weekend, but it was great fun! The camera did not make it out of the bag much, so not many pictures. Sorry.... :(

Anika in the car

Shay in the car--- does it not look like she is saying, "what up"

Kylie laughing at her movie

Shay and Anika playing airplane with Daddy-- the Shay plane was crashing into Anika

Aunt Cindy reading to Kylie

Aunt Dee reading to Anika and Shay

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Cold Cold Chicago Halloween

Of course, again, not such great pictures of the kids, but they will survive.... hopefully. All three girls were princesses. Kylie was the first one dressed and the other two tagged along wanting to be the same thing.

Anika in her dress for Halloween-- Kylie wore the same dress...

Chris with Kylie and Shay walking to our friends house.

Waiting at the door-- don't you just love the coats and hats-- I told Kylie it was a fashionable accessory for her outfit.. Yeah, right!

The twins back at home after hitting 4 houses-- too cold... they had more fun playing with the candy rather than wearing all that fancy stuff going door to door.

Shay guarding the bowl-- not to worry she is stuffing her face with Cheerios.

Anika waiting for her time to get in on the candy when Shay was not looking....

Tools and Pumpkins

Here are some pictures of the kiddos. Chris has three helpers whenever he tries to get a project done. This one, the girls are helping him put together a table and chair set we bought for them.

Kylie is the expert on the tools, the girls watch her to learn the "ins and outs" of the trade.

Anika trying...

Shay jumping right in on the carving business with Chris.

No fear for Shay... the other two.... another story.

Anika trying it, but only to last one time.

Chris trying to scare Kylie with the goopy hands

She moved far far away from her Dad after that.

But once they were cleaned, Kylie got to design her own pumpkin-- hers was the goofy one, not the scary one. But of course, no pictures of hers... forgot and now its too nasty.

Finally! We are up and running again...

A few techincal difficulities with the main computer these past two weeks.... Its been a long haul trying to repair the damages to the computer, but I think Chris has it done.... Kylie is in heaven again because she can play

Besides the computer having issues, we've managed to stay busy. Kylie started swimming again, loved it, although I am not too impressed with the teachers. Oh well, I can't always win. Shay and Anika have FINALLY taken to watching TV for 10 minutes. This almost allows me to get something done-- almost. We all got our H1N1 shots- only after waiting for 4.5 hours. It was awesome... just awesome... (sarcasm if you haven't caught it)..Now, onto November....

Here are some pics since the last post...
Nana reading to Shay.... Shay LOVES to read now.. still working on some more words, but the girl would read books all day if someone was able to.
Aunt Julie, Cousin Lily, Luke and Kylie at the village fall fest.

Meeting the crime dog....
Anika testing out if Odin's dog collar will work as a belt. A little big yet.

I'm not giving a caption to this.... All on her own, mind you.