Monday, September 8, 2008

We are on the MOVE!

Yes, you read correctly. This house just became more active. Anika is now our army crawler. She can move across the floor in no time flat is there is something there she wants-- like all of Kylie's toys or Odin. We have now barricaded the carpet area with the big pillows to confine her for a bit, but once she has figured out how to crawl over the pillows, she'll be put in the "corral." I am sure we'll have plenty of pictures of Anika in the corral (or jail, depending on the day)soon enough.

Not to leave Shay out, but she can roll across the floor and find her way to where she needs to go, but not at the army crawl stage. I am sure soon enough, we'll have two movers.... and then our lives will be a whole lot more complicated!

That is the newest news from our abode... Hope you are now laughing at us---- how can you not?

And here is a more recent photo of the entire crew-- Odin included, although he is hiding....

1 comment:

Brennan said...

Ok I can't help it you have a totally cute family going on there. So are you and Chris planning on having anymore?