Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh boy... are we in trouble now??

Anika has not only been the first one to crawl, but now add to the list, stand up. She has managed to pull herself onto anything she can and try to jump to where she needs to be.

It started this AM when she crawled over to Chris on the floor and crawled up to his lap and them proceeded to stand up. Then this afternoon she pulled herself up on the stacked pillows we have to block her from escaping on the hardwood floors. She got herself standing and then tried to jump up to get herself complelely on the pillows.... she didn't managed to master that today.

It won't be long till that girl is running circles around the house like Kylie used to do... We hope it wears her out just as much as it did Kylie at that age.

And not to leave Shay out, she is on the beginning stages of army crawl. She gets to where she needs to get and/or big sister Kylie will give her a toy to make her happy.

Other than that, these twins are eating out of the house. These girls keep Chris and I (and Kylie is she "feels" like it) busy making their food. Its amazing how much they are chowing!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! Why is it always the troubled twin that seems to knock out the stages first! Ha!I feel your pain!!