Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Look what I learned at school today mom!

** Disclaimer: We full well know that Kylie is learning a lot at Preschool-- believe me, she tells us EVERYTHING-- from the shirt the teacher was wearing that she did not like to the girl and boy ducks that were not being shared- we hear a pretty good amount here... but this one was great.

Tuesday afternoon, I was feeding the twins in their chairs and Kylie was in her chair eating her dinner at the counter. The twins were not cooperating, probably cause they were eating vegetables and not fruits (I can't blame them) and Kylie was trying to help get them to open their mouths so I could shove the spoon in there- nice, I know. Anyhow, back to the story... Kylie turns to them and says, "Look what my teachers taught me today at school!" I couldn't resist, so here it is.... What we learned at preschool on Tuesday!

And for those of you counting--- the DORA shirt--- it gets worn 3-4 times a week--- and yes, I do do laundry more often so I do not have to deal with that battle on a constant basis. I think DORA might have to leave on a long vacation soon.... you might hear the screams coming from this area soon!

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