Monday, September 22, 2008

Dora, Dora, Dora

Oh lord are we sick of Dora in this house--- I guess I should say, Chris and Amanda are sick of Dora. Kylie and Shay would be lost without Dora. (Anika doesn't seem to care because lone behold she stops for one minute to do anything).

We recently retired a wonderful Dora pajama set. Kylie called it her "Dancing Dora" pjs. A dear friend gave those to us when she came by to help me with the twins. This must have happened in March. These wonderful "Dancing Dora" pj's were about two sizes too small come September and not to mention, the weather is colder and there is no longer need to wear shorts and short sleeves to bed (well, the majority of the time in Sept.). Now mind you, these pjs fit in March perfectly. This child has grown like a weed these past 5 months and when she tried to squeeze into these wonderful pj's it looked like it hurt. Chris and I were to excited to finally "retire" these pajamas without any fight from Kylie (she constantly thinks they are dirty and we are just so far behind on laundry, that it will take awhile).

Then another dear friend (Katie) came by with her son(Charlie) and miraculously knew it was Kylie's 3rd birthday in August and that she LOVED Dora.. (And BTW Katie, totally unnecessary on the gift).. Anyhow, Kylie opens her gift and its a DORA nightgown and a DORA Halloween book. And she LOVES it!!!! Just when Chris and I thought we were ahead of the game, then comes along another curve ball! But, like we say, its all about the kids and keeping them happy. Sometimes you just have to let them win.... Check out the lovely picture below...

And Santa's list, you guessed it... so far its ever DORA item you can find. Kylie says, "mom/dad I want that. I know, who do I have to ask? Santa, I know."

For those of you die-hard DORA fans, she has a new dance party album available on Itunes-- check it out. It will only make you lose brain cells after the first couple songs.. "Oh MAN!"

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