Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yes, once again...

The kids are "sick" once again. We've got the cold, runny nose and just all around crankiness. It is a great time here at the Donovan house and its only 6 AM. We managed only to be awakened last night twice by kids with full noses and couldn't sleep. We can only hope they'll take great naps today, but with their track records, I am not counting on it.

We managed to stay healthy for almost two weeks. I am sure it will only get worse!! Am looking for ideas to help keep these kids entertained--- any ideas would be fabulous. There is only so much TV I can handle before I get a headache from mindless stuff.

With us luck and a fast recovery. I am already tired of this crap and its September.... and they say kids get 5-7 colds a winter. We can knock off two already!!! HAHAHA!

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Brennan said...

Ideas for entertainment. Playdoh, moon sand, coloring, bath tub fun, Chalk.....Let me tell you I'm running out of ideas too...Kael will be 3 in November and he plays with moonsand about 2 hrs at a time....just vacuum or sweep up the mess. Play doh is more fun. Today Kael and Parker are building with Lincoln Logs...they also love legos....I know its tough