Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh the life..... Wait, what life?

So, I admit, its been awhile since we wrote.... but really, there has been nothing earth shattering to tell the world. I do have photos to share, but that would require energy and patience, which are two things that we (Chris and I) just don't have. Big surprise, I know!

Here is the rundown--
Kylie loves to go to school-- this week was letter B. She tells me the most random things from school, none of which I can really remember at this point. But the line she uses EVERYTIME she gets in the car, "Mom, I just want to go home and get my pink pillow and green blanket and take a little rest on the couch and watch a show." So, every Tuesday and Thursday, that is what she does for 30-45 minutes after she gets home from school. Its fine with me, I can get lunch ready then!
Anika and Shay-- been working pretty hard on getting these two buggers on a "regular" (HAHAH) nap schedule. I'll let you know when it really comes into place-- you'll probably hear Chris, Kylie and I all cheer that they are finally NAPPING!!! YEAH!!!

Anika still is the mover-- army crawls to anywhere she can go. We do have the corral up and I will post pictures of that when I get a chance (like next year). Shay is rolling and getting into the crawling position more often now. I would imagine she'll be on the move here in the next two weeks. (God help us!)

Chris managed to get all but one of the cabinets hung this weekend (we added more cabinets to the kitchen). I helped--- well, when the opportunity arose and he actually wanted help-- men... :) Love ya Chris! Kylie thinks the new cabinets "look AWESOME" and now her toys have a new home- thankfully!

That's it on our front.... we'll keep you updated with our ever so exciting life!!
Oh, I can't believe I forgot, Chris and I did get out without the kids on Saturday night... we actually ate a "hot" dinner without interruptions. We had forgotten what that was like!

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