Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter egg hunts and crazy loons

This weekend was the neighboring community's annual easter egg hunt. We made it there this year with all three kids (last year only KMD got to go). The kids had a blast, got tons of eggs and braved the cool 45 degree temps. The eggs have proven once again to be a great toy-- can kids ever get sick of going on egg hunts?

Here are some other random shots from the week.

Not sure what is going on here but it brought back memories of college swimming and hazing (or also called "team building).... anyone else?

Anika playing Chuggington

And as Shay would say in regard to the last caption: "Me too, Me too!!"

Kylie waiting at the egg hunt

Anika and Shay waiting.... trying to understand why the hell we have to wait?!?!? This is punishment!

Kylie going right for the middle of the circle!

Anika collecting her eggs

Shay collecting hers

And these are the crazy loons--- Anika becoming egg salad

Kylie chucking eggs at Chris and running away from him.

Anika- don't you just love my hair bows?

Shay after becoming egg salad....

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Katie Garber said...

Looks like a fun time! I love seeing the girls play with trains.