Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twins snapshots from two weeks back

Here are some pictures from a few weeks back.... I can't remember much from two weeks back, so hopefully these pictures can bring back some memories.

Shay showing off her favorite pants-- Buppa made them for one of the Dannegger girls and now its moved onto the Donovan girls. Shay LOVES them and even though they are getting pretty short, she continues to wear them. Hopefully this brings a smile to your face Buppa. Hope you are feeling better!!!

Shay again in her pants.

Anika playing with one of the most annoying toys in the world. Mary, why the hell did I buy this at the resale? I cannot get it to shut up even in the box. However, the girls love this game... its just a headache when it is constantly playing. Quack, quack, quack, quack.

Anika doing some light reading at Kylie's school fundraiser. (she got through about 10 pages of the bible before she was tired.

Anika and Shay in their "cosby" sweaters reading together.

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