Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Here are some pictures of the kiddos on Easter morning. Kylie, of course, was up first but was very patient waiting for her sisters so they could all do the hunt together. They all managed to get some good loot and enjoyed the hunt. Truthfully all they really cared about was the big chocolate bunnies and when they could eat them.. :) Can you blame them?

Kylie get some eggs in the hall-- she wanted the pink egg because it had flowers on it... Apparently it is very special.

Anika collecting

Kylie checking every room out

Anika hurdling over the big pillow to find more eggs before anyone else

Shay checking her loot.

Anika discovering there is good stuff in the eggs-- trix AND chocolate.

Shay overloading on Trix--- nice glaced look in her eyes

The only day you get chocolate after eating breakfast....

Really, I can eat it after breakfast? Really?


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