Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please hit rewind...

I'm really trying today, really, really trying today, but I think I am about broken with my 4 year old.

First of all, anyone who knows us, and knows Kylie, knows that sleep is not a high priority for this child. And this is not a new thing, this is about 4.5 years old! The child refuses to let herself rest. Its really rather annoying to me since I like to sleep-- I need the sleep--- I NEED the sleep (just ask Chris). So, this morning, KMD comes in at 5am awake... Chris takes her back to bed. 5:45 as I am leaving to go run, Kylie comes out ready to go for the day, Chris sends her back to bed. (She's not allowed out until 6:45).... She listens and then comes out at 6:45--- HUGE bags under her eyes.

Asking her over and over again, before we get in the car, are you good to go to school? Are you too tired to go to school? Are you okay? She must have gotten asked that a dozen times before we left the garage. "Nope Mom, I'm ready to go!"

I stop and get gas in the car... still, "I'm ready, just a little tired." We pull into school and get out- which is a task since I've got to take the twins in with me everytime. We get into school, hangs her coat up and just starts crying because she is soooooo tired. UGHHHH... Seriously? Did I not just ask you 10000000 times in the car if you were okay... I was beyond annoyed and frustrated. Don't get me wrong, I know she is exhausted and tired.... All her friends hugged and were excited to play, but this kid lost it. I gave her the choice, go have fun with your friends and play for a little bit OR come home, stay in your room read, sleep and rest." She choose to come home and rest..... This is the first time this kid had pulled this and I know she was exhausted, but seriously, after we've driven there, gotten out of the car, etc....

So, on the positive note:
She has rested but no sleep. She has been happy in her room. She ate a great lunch... I do love this kid, but damn Kylie, for the love of god, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SLEEP TONIGHT!!!

Rare picture of Kylie sleeping-- around 10 months old...

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