Tuesday, March 9, 2010

knickers and books

Midweek Bloopers

Shay for some reason or another decided to pull her socks up high and run around the house laughing. Here she is in the bathroom, after looking at herself in the mirror for a few minutes giggling. I do remember my mom having us wear knickers, so somehow or another Nana, she is getting fashion advice from you---- is that a good or bad thing? :)

Afternoon lull-- no tv afternoons make for some interesting make-believe play. In this picture the kids are on a plane going to the beach. They packed all their favorite toys and books and were having a blast. As far as the fashion--- I have nothing to comment- they are some crazy kids.

This is Kylie pretending to be Nana (reading her book she left here in December). Its become one of the favorites because of the pictures of food.

Shay reading her nursery rhymes

Anika reading her mouse book

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