Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy busy weekend!

If you follow me on facebook, you would have known that this weekend was by far the most popular weekend amongst our friends. We have never been invited to so many functions on one weekend, it was insane. So, as sad as it was to say no to some, we had to. No way, no how can we make it to everything.

Saturday started early- I headed to the city for the lakefront 10 mile race with the "sweaty friends" group. Certainly surprised myself with my run--- did not think I was in that good of shape, but I had a certain "thing" ahead of me that I was certain I was not going to let beat me (some of you know what that "thing" was).... Anyhow, a finish of 13th out of 178 is pretty damn good-- I'm happy and that is usually hard to come by when it comes to races. Chris in the meantime took the three kids to Kylie's soccer practice-- in the rain. Kylie seemed to have a good time, but its apparent she doesn't have as good of a coach as last year-- we got really lucky last year. The twins played soccer too (from what I hear) and also were a great cheering section for their big sister. From there we continued on with birthday parties galore--- and ended the night with a Bat Mitzvah. Great time-- what party is not a good one with a massive dessert table with chefs cooking up fresh bananas foster and pitchers of mango martinis? Seriously, a great party and all the kids there had a blast. Thanks Sherwoods!

So, cheers to all you who celebrated this weekend without us! Wish we could have come-- so next year, don't pick the last weekend in April!

And the Donovan girls weekend-- better get some pictures up..... :) Sorry I missed out!
Anika and Shay trying to get into the mickey mouse tv show-- literally.
My new Driver.

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