Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soccer and Sisters

Busy week means very tired kids and parents!
This week was the last week of some of Kylie's Y classes. She opted to not go to her science class-- she was beyond exhausted. Swim class was a blast- they got to go in a boat and wear life vests... and then learn how to fall out backwards and stay afloat. Kylie laughed the entire time. Dork. We managed to make it to a park almost every afternoon (awesome weather) and we went out to eat at the kids favorite restaurant-- Moe's. If you haven't been, its a great alternative to McD's (which happens to be open only once a month at our house- don't break the system). The kids eat their ENTIRE tacos there- twins prefer chicken and Kylie steak- big surprise... And to finish off the week, Kylie started soccer. Chris got the honors of taking Kylie to her practice/game on Saturday while I stayed at home with the twins-- and purged half the basement. Much easier without someone there who knows what I am doing (Kylie)... she fights for every toy to be kept and not donated. Like I said, MUCH easier.......

Here are some pictures from the week

Shay waiting impatiently for Anika to finish her popsicle. Pulled up another chair just to stare her down and make her get down.. Shay wanted to play....NOW!

Shay trying to figure out how to take her tray off so she won't have the option to finish. Unsuccessful...

Soccer--- VERY cold.

Kylie chasing her soccer ball

Having a great time!!!

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