Thursday, December 31, 2009


Christmas came and went in a flash....Despite the kids being sick, they had a great time. Anika was the first one up, but she had to wait, 5:30 was too early in our books. Anika had to wait until 6:15 before we let them out of their rooms and start the opening of gifts. Anika was really into opening the presents, Kylie just wanted to see how fast she could open each gift, and Shay was into trying the toys/clothes out after opening them. All three completely different.

I think the highlight of the weekend (for me) was when Chris was trying to teach Kylie to chug her medicine. Kylie was on a regular dose of Motrin and cough meds and she likes to sip her meds instead of chugging it and getting it over with... So, that being said, Chris decides to show her how to chug her meds using his beer. And as you might expect, his beer after "pretend" chugging it, overflowed all over the counter, himself and up his nose and eyes. Too funny for me and Kylie just looked at him like he was crazy. It was definitely a memory I will have to keep fresh in my mind.

Below are some pics from the days before Christmas and Christmas. We do have video, its just slow going-- sorry....

Anika stealing Kylie's seat on the couch-- and also Kylie's "sheepy."

Shay choosing the other side of the couch

The girls on the couch watching Muppet Christmas Carol- thanks Pepplers! Shay and Anika are clutching their new toys and don't like to share them at all.

Shay taking the term Christmas stockings literally. She tried to put all of them on her feet on Christmas Eve.

Managed to get them on, but was a bit slippery on the wood floor.

And this is what the girls did while we finished getting the Christmas Eve dinner done. They took every shoe in the laundry room, moved them closer to the kitchen (but not in our sight) and tried all of them on. They knew to stay out of sight, otherwise they would have gotten busted for doing it... Usually this activity is in the middle of the kitchen....

Christmas Tree-- yes a fake one. We will get a real one again, its just been really helpful with the kids being really young and pulling everything off the tree. We couldn't put 1/4 of the ornaments on this year because the little ones kept taking them off--- as you can, the lower part of the tree is pretty bare from them playing with the ornaments.

Odin surprise on Christmas Morning. He made sure to carry the bone into get the little girls out, he was so proud. Within the first day, he ate everything but the two "knobs" on either side. Now he just carries them around and growls at you for even looking at him.

Opening stockings

I got hair bows!!

Anika and Shay in their "boat" otherwise known as a sled.

Shay opening her pillow from Nana. (And Nana, both girls have them in their beds- sometimes used and sometimes not)

Chris getting help from Shay opening his presents.

Shay wearing her new dress Buppa made her.

Chris and his girls dressed in their presents from Aunt Cathy--- they LOVE them!

Anika and Shay dressed in their new aprons from Aunt Connie.

Chris refereeing the girls playing dolls.

Kylie crashed on the couch-- the fever finally caught up to her by early afternoon. Motrin could only do so much, the girl was exhausted.

Shay wanting to play outside with all the new mittens.... didn't happen... :(

And this is what happens when you are the only male dog in the house--- you get dressed in girlie things. The girls thought it was hilarious, but Odin didn't think so.

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Katie Garber said...

Looks like a great Christmas at the Donovan household!