Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas festivities continue...

Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas.... It seems we can't keep up with things these days... We had an early Christmas at the Danneggers. The whole crew was there- Smileys, Donovans, Danneggers, Nana and even Uncle OJ made a surprise visit! (and for some reason, I have no photos of OJ, but really, he was there!)
Below are some pictures of the kids at the Danneggers and some of Nana's visit to our house.

Shay eating her cookie, but she actually ended up wearing more of it. (And cousin Lily in the background deciding if playing with balloons is more fun or decorating cookies is more fun...)

Anika, the neat eater, is eating her cookie (and by the looks of it, Lily has decided that she wants to try to decorate cookies-- I know her Dad is happy now!)

Elf Annalee
Annalee and Kylie decorating--- thanks to Annalee and Abby for helping the little ones decorate and stay out of trouble.

Ryan decorating

Abby decorating

Shay playing

Ryan, Kylie and Luke watching Annalee on the Wii

Shay crashing on Julie

Anika and Nana reading together. This is about as close as Anika would let Nana get to her- no holding or anything else!

Anika playing my least favorite game.... but certainly is having fun!

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