Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Gingerbread house around!

Kudos goes out to my good friend Linda. She rocks when it comes to making gifts. This year she took it to a whole new level and seriously is amazing. She created this gingerbread house made out of a box. The entire thing is incredible. The kids absolutely LOVE it and have not destroyed it yet. Odin has even been allowed in.

I do not have a ton of photos on my camera of it, but will get there. This is the front of the house-- even has a wreath on the door which the kids can velcro their nametag on it if they choose to let each other know who is in the house (only KMD can really understand that, but that's okay).

This second picture is on KMD in the house with some of her friends. (The roof pops off if they need more light or supervision is needed.. hahahha!) Inside she created a tree, in which the kids can put ornaments on/off the tree and a fireplace with stockings that hang. I told you-- this is incredible!
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And now KMD is inviting you in for a nice banana next to the fire... :)
Linda-- the kids LOVE it- can't say it enough. You're one in a million!

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Katie Garber said...

Wow, that is seriously amazing! She should sell those.