Saturday, December 12, 2009


This past week (I think) we were due for some major snowfall... really did not add up to a bunch, but it was enough for the twins to get their first dose of snow outside vs. last year. Last year they just got to see it when they were taken in and out of the car. Kylie on the other hand is ready to make snowmen the first time a flake falls.

Kylie and her finished project-- I think she ate as much snow as it took to make the snowman.
Tilt your head, I still can't figure out this stupid program

Kylie on her big ball of snow

And this is what Odin thinks of the big ball of snow


Anika's first time in the snow

Shay in the snow-- she was more facinated with the mittens

Anika yelling at Odin because the snow is now yellow and not white. Anika is a mess finder in this house-- she is always putting things away or pointing out the mess that needs to be cleaned.


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