Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Start of 2010

January is half gone, cannot believe it.... not sure what we have done or that it has been spectacular, but whatever, they are happy-- most of the time--- and as I write, Anika is screaming her head off because she does not want to nap more than 45 minutes. Awesome... :)

We did happen to ring in the new year with the kids both having ear infections, so, in case you are keeping track, we were sick for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I am sooooooo looking forward to Valentines day! HA!

Shay has delivered a new name to her sister Anika. She can clearly say Anika's name, but has chosen to call her "Ka-ka." Excellent, right? Kylie has started some new classes at the Y, loves them. She's got a "sports" class which is a glorified open gym and a Dr. Suess class. In the Suess class they read a suess book, do a craft and either act out scenes or cook something. She loves it and I love it because I go upstairs and get a run in without the kids to worry about. (the twins are at home with a sitter in case you were worried about them)....

Besides that, not much new here-- and we'll keep it that way. We are coming up to 3 weeks post last sickness, so we are bracing for another round. We normally get hit every 3-4 weeks, so watch out!

Here are some pics below of the kids the past few weeks... enjoy---- and I cannot figure out how to rotate pictures from Picasa-- and for those who want to help-- my pics are saved correctly on picasa, synced to the internet and then when uploaded turn. I gave up, so turn your head and you'll be just fine...

Odin waiting to come inside-- the girls stand at the window and laugh at him while he is outside...
The "big" snow day-- KMD did not have school and they were projecting a ton of snow, but only got about 8 inches.

Kylie in her new dress Buppa made

Yeah, I don't know...

Anika and Shay both putting on all the hats, gloves, boots they can find.... can you tell they were stuck inside for too many days from the never ending virus-- all they wanted to do was play outside!

"okay Dad, I'm ready!" (Shay)

This is the day Shay locked herself in the bathroom. Anika was outside the door laughing so hard, she fell to the ground and continued laughing. When I opened the door, Shay was just sitting on the toilet with the bar of soap washing her hands. She looked at me as if she wanted to say, "I just wanted privacy" (which she happens to hear often in this house!)

Kylie is getting her sisters ready for the princess ball. She was getting quite annoyed with her sisters because they did not want to wear what she gave them. Anika wanted to wear my hat and Shay wanted to wear Kylie's underwear on the outside of Kylie's pants... Needless to say, they did not get to attend the ball.

Anika heard the timer for the brownies, ran to the drawer and got the potholders... she was ready to take them out of the oven..... its funny, because she doesn't eat the brownies or anything sweet besides popsicles these days.

Anika wearing her dress Buppa made with a fabulous cheesy smile

Shay wearing her dress too, but did not want to stand-- too busy eating to stop.

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