Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Illinois to NY and back...

I am not sure where to even start on this....
Bright and early (3AM) on Thursdays, we woke the kids up, put them in the car and started our trek up north to Buffalo, NY. We managed to make it there in 12 hours, not bad seeing we took two one hour breaks for the kids to play and have a meal. Buffalo has some pretty fantastic people there too-- the Falzarenos and the visiting Buppa and Big Papa.

We had a great time up there-- besides destroying the quiet and calm house, we managed to visit the Falls, Eat some wings, Farmers Market, and some good visiting.

The following posts will have pictures from the adventure... Its hard to pick and choose, so there will be a few.... well, a lot most likely.

Thanks again to Falzarenos from letting us come and play. I hope that you guys get healthy again and enjoy the house and beds (your own) again. And Kate, I had nothing to do with the computer glitches in your room.... really.

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