Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cardboard box and the rest of the weekend activites

Everyone always says, the kids like the box better than the toy. We took advantage of that this past week. We recently bought some new lawn furniture (Sears-- 75% off-- talk about a good steal!) and it came in a huge box. Chris made some windows in it and I took the pink/purple paint and the girls have a new hideout.
So, I do not have a good picture of the box, but here are some pictures of the girls helping decorate the box-- inside and out.

Shay trying to put stickers on the roof.

Using chalk to decorate

Anika using stamps

The girls fighting over something...




Anika cleaning up

Kylie playing soccer--- Apparently Kylie and Colby were playing defense. Colby would run up to the opposing player and make a scary face and roar... and Kylie would try to take the ball.

getting the pep talk from Coach


Katie Garber said...

Love Kylie's defense strategy. Why didn't we think of that when we played (haha).

Anonymous said...

Katie-- not sure why we never thought of that... :) would have made things more interesting. I just remember picking the "pretty yellow flowers" while playing goalie.

Kylie is now fond of baseball... (she's played it once at sports class) got any tips for her?