Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fairy Kylie

Glennee and Buppa love garage sales-- They have their routes mapped up the morning of and are ready to find some good deals. This time, they allowed Kylie and I to come. Somehow I ended up with a carload of stuff for the girls. The most prominent purchase was the fairy wings. Kylie wore them everyday we were there and even wore them to the Falls hoping that she was strong enough to fly over the waterfall.... (and of course, no pictures to document that, but our minds have it for awhile!)

The Fairy outfit- wings, halo, and shoes

We graduated to the hat instead of halo this rare evening.

(Kate, Kylie and Glennee)

And BP even got a chance to try on the halo- bad camera angle, but he does have it on.


And Glennee--- we can't seem to find the shoes from this adventure, seriously. Any luck at your house? As well as the things I purchased for Chris at the store-- can't find them? Are you holding them sabatoge?

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