Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Buppa Juice"

Anika is now in love with Buppa's juice... Buppa juice was O'Keffe's and Anika was in LOVE with it. Enough so, she would go to Buppa and ask her for juice whether she had some or not..... gotta love the great grandparents!

Buppa starting Anika early

Anika is giggling in this photo and Shay is not quite sure why her sister keeps going back. Shay was not a fan the first try.

"Here Shay, let me hold your chin and really get some in your mouth!" ;)

Anika going back for seconds, thirds, fourths... and so on.

Anika is thinking that if she brings all the cups to Buppa, then maybe she will fill them all up for her....wishful thinking Ani!

Shay trying it again another night.

Anika trying to get Daddy to give her some, no luck.

Shay likes it...

Shay mad because Buppa made her wait for more.

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