Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Backyard Fun

Pictures from the the yard.... And nice find Glennee/OJ on the swingset! (They found it at the curb of someones house and cleaned it up for us-- if anyone lives out there, I am sure it will be at the curb this week!)

LOVE this picture-- Anika pushing Shay on the swing

Aunt Kate and Buppa supervising

Kylie getting in on the action

Shay on the slide

Glennee, Kylie, Amanda, and Buppa

Glennee and Kylie are working hard on a project while Buppa and I watch..... thankfully!

Big Papa-- notice, when Chris takes the pictures, there are not middle fingers up by BP. Hummm... so is it a female thing or what?

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