Sunday, August 30, 2009

Who knew...

Soccer shoes could be soooo entertaining.... Kylie got some new PINK soccer shoes but unfortunately her game was cancelled on Saturday because the grounds were so wet-- from three days of constant rain. That, however, did not keep the little kids from trying on her shoes.

And the next three are in tribute to Big Papa... I've heard stories that he used to mow his lawn in golf shoes because the yard was so steep. Well, Anika is trying to do the same, although she is mowing the deck and its flat. :)
in Big Papa's language-- What the (#$@# is going on with this stupid (#($#@$ lawnmower?!
Again, in BP's language, "Ahh, just throw the stupid #(#$()(#*$# lawnmower away!"
Love ya Big Papa! Hope you got a laugh out of it!

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