Sunday, August 16, 2009

Throwing Oranges

The girls have developed a game with Chris. I am not sure who started it, but they like to take their oranges and throw them off of their trays. It creates quite the laughter and at times quite a mess (when they choose to throw other things off instead of oranges from their trays)- those are the days that Odin loves-- more food for him!

In reviewing the videos of throwing oranges, it reminded me of the first Missouri football game I went to with my teammates. A good friend, Tawney, somehow ended up with oranges at the game. She threw the oranges, along with MANY other people onto the field before the start of the game. The security caught her and she had to leave the game. Tawney didn't think it was funny anymore.... This is the abbreviated story-- I guess it has been that long. In any case, we'll be sure to teach these girls how to properly throw oranges so when they are freshman at college and at the first football game of the season, they can do the same...

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